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Unboxing Audeze LCD-X and LCD-XC tonight - Page 2

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Did the LCD-3 not sound its best with the Pathos Aurium?


It's the amp on my very short short-list, but unfortunately there are very few articles discussing its performance with the Audeze LCD-3.

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The LCD-3 and LCD-XC on the Cavalli Liquid Glass is really something else. Recommended hands down. Only bested by an HD-800 but that's besides the point :-)

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Thanks for the unboxing pics!

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Hi Podeschi, I have the XC with the WA7 however I find it too bright and fatiguing. I've heard that the Pathos is quite a good pairing with the XC. A couple of questions if I may:

1) what type of music you listen the XC to? more vocal or classical?

2) what are your impressions after these months with XC+Pathos. Do you feel it somehow bright pairing?

3) what DAC are you using?

Thanks for the help!


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Hi yes the XC (and X) are perfect pairings with the Pathos Aurium. As is the Chord Hugo. Nothing fatiguing at all and can tailor sound with different 6922 input tubes. Pathos is one of my favorite head amp almost on par with ALO studio six. Haven't listened to my Bryston or Beyer amps only pathos and chord and studio six. I listen to all types of music - classic rock jazz classical mood etc. I think the pathos is a killer product. Makes me want to buy other products from them.
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Thanks for the insight. One clarification: do you use the Hugo also as an amp? I've heard it can be quite bright with the XC as an amp (and also that is a TOP DAC). Otherwise one could use Hugo as a all-in-one solution, right? Thx

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I use the Hugo as dac and amp. Don't find it to be bright....for my ears.
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I have the Coffman GA-1 headphone amp and just read a quite interesting review in The Absolute Sound mag about the LCD-X which the reviewer praised quite highly.  The amp pairing was the Pathos, with the source running through a PS Audio PureDac.  Since you did alot of listening with the LCD-X at Echo, you must have had a chance to pair it with the Coffman and get a sense of its mating up well or not.


Did you have a chance to listen to the Coffman-LCD combo?


I have a non-working HE-6  I need repaired first before taking a shot at another high end headphone.  But the news on the street about the LCD-X besting the LCD-3 is quite the draw here.



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