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Are the psbm4u1 for me?

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I've heard very many fantastic things about these headphones and I feel that I am ready to buy them, but I just want to be sure they're what I want as far as sound. First of all is detail and clarity. I like it when you can distinctly hear the pluck of the guitar, and the number one thing I dislike about most headphones and IEM's I use is that they aren't clear. I've had ones with overpowering treble, but the clarity still wasn't there. Part of the clarity, and another major disappointment in many of which I tried is the bass. I listen mostly to rock and I like the sound to be powerful where the bass guitar is heard well and the impact of the drum punches. I like clear and powerful bass. For example, the bowers and wilkins p5 I've sampled had pretty good detail and had the bass I liked (although it was a bit too much and slightly muddy). The p5 didn't have much clarity to speak of. The PSB M4U1 are said to have a flat response with a slight bass boostand from my experience with them, they were fantastic. Hopefully I'm not too confusing for you guys to be able to help me out. I'm difficult.
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Focal Spirit one, NAD Viso HP50 and Focal spirit Classic are pretty good too, you should consider them

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Yeah the nad viso hp50 are pretty similar to the PSBs in sound, from what I've heard. Some comparisons lead me to believe the PSB have the better sound signature for my taste. The focal spirit classic are a bit pricy for me, but I like the "one". My only concern is that they seem small and I have bigger ears.
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I have the PSB. I find them a bit trebly. I've had some cable issues. For point of reference, I tend to like more bass-heavy headphones (Senn IE8 were some of my favorite portables ever - lost them). *But* I have the Beyer T90 right now for home listening and they're supposed to be notoriously treble-heavy. I find them awesome. I got them on eBay for about 60$ more than PSB are on Amazon, and I'd say they sound like 5x better. The PSB are good - I like them. But they certainly don't blow me away. Probably a bit overpriced IMO.


EDIT: I was a sucker and bought the B&W P5 from the Apple Store a few years ago. They sound like ****. Look real nice, though. The PSB are *much* better sounding than them.

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No such luck on that price for me. $300 is about my maximum. Maybe an extra 10 or 15 if it's worth it.
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