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Hello everyone, after lurking around the forums for around three months I finally registered.

I've had MH1s for some time now, and love their sound signature. I haven't heard a headphone with matching details, I can compare them to my roommate's HD558s.

Now, I've gathered some cash and am looking for an upgrade. I want a similar sound signature but with a biit more bass, a bit more punch in the mid bass region. I love the sub-bass on the MH1s but i'd like something that has a bit more impact. Also, I hate peaky and shrill/harsh treble.

I listen to mainly EDM and some Pop/Rock and a bit of Bollywood. I've found some headphones I like but I can't narrow down:

-Sony XB90EX (These seem to mostly fit the bill based on user reviews but I'm still not sure about how the mids and detailing fare.)

-ATH CKS-99 (Couldn't find much on these except that they're similar to the CKS1000 but less refined and have a warmer signature in the mids, which I like.)

-ATH IM-50 (The cheapest of the three, this one's been making a recent fuss over the forums and I'm liking what I'm reading, however still dunno whether the bass would be an improvement over the MH1s)

-DN-900 (While the 1000 is far too expensive for me, this baby 1000 looks to fit the bill quite nicely)

-Denon C-300 (These seem almost perfect, but the peaky highs scare me, also the fit looks a bit odd. Look like alien antennae)

-Monster Turbine Pro (Descriptions of these almost make me drool, I like how the coppers look too...golds not so much. But too expensive everywhere I find them frown.gif )

Any more recommendations?

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