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If you like EDM I would like your opinion

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Hello, I just wanted to share with you Head-Fiers a song I recently made. I enjoy making progressive house and have been trying many different techniques to get a sound that I like. So please share your opinions and if you have any constructive criticism, please share. Enjoy wink.gif

P.S. I don't compress the crap out of my music so you will want to crank the volume.

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I am an avid EDM listener, so I may be able to help. Honestly I don't do too much prog. house, but I think I have a few things. i only hope I can explain them

Your kick, to me, has a bit to much reverb, just a smidge. Something a bit dryer would sound better to me. Tighten the low end of the mix up

Second, I would say that your melody isn't fat or full enough enough. A little something is missing in the. I have heard some songs with two sometimes three extra high end melodies that accompany a lead and bass line that lingers in the low mids.

The last thing would be that it simply needs to be longer so you can introduce a little more variance.

That is all I can offer. My biggest concern was giving you feedback to help you make a better song and not a song that I would like.
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This is pretty good I like it, I like the build ups lol especially in the beginning. I'm not experienced with FL or anything, but I thought the kicks could be harder and deeper cause I thought it sounded a bit too much like a metronome or something imo. Like the drum line is a little too simple for my tastes. Overall I thought it was good, it feels like it's missing something though haha. Good job!

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Thanks for the support and thanks for sharing your thoughts! While I love how simple it is, I do agree that there needs to be something else and yes the bassline pretty much just follows the original chord progression. I did change up the kick to something with more "oomph" and it sounds a lot better, so great suggestion.

I'll continue to work on this and share my results based off the input I get from y'all. Fun times ;)

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I am happy I could help. I actually intend to pursue a career in EDM too. Before the year is out I may have some more concrete insight.
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Okay, so I took your input and changed things up a bit. I added more instrumentation and a more interesting bassline, but I still think it needs work. I also tweaked the progression and chords so it sounds more uplifting and resolves better IMO.




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