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I lost my apple earpods last week and been in search of new in ear phones. After searching a lot of threads and |jokers| reviews finalized with 


Denon AH C300 - 50$


ATH IM 50 - 65$


ATH IM 70 - 100$


RHA MA 750I - 130$


I will be using these only for listening to music and watching movies in my nexus 4 and hp laptop. And i will be listening to all kinds of music,  but more inclined towads songs with sub-bass. Considering Denon AH C300  has a current groupon deal for 50$ i am confused on what to buy. The serious doubt i have is what details and clarity will i be missing in Denon AH C300  when compared to other three. So, is it worth spending extra 80$ (if it is 750i) . Can any one please suggest which one to go. And i will be using my earphones almost 12-13 hrs a day. And if any of the three gonna make huge difference in my listening experience by spending extra 80$ i am looking forward to go for.


Any help is truly appreciated..

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