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Hi guys, thanks for reading this. I'm not sure it's in the right section but I do need a little help.

Ok first I'm an amateur at tech stuff and not a guy, so forgive if this seems like a really basic question/issue.

My dear JVC earphones (cheap but good) frayed and broke at the connection to the jack. So I googled how to fix them and found Rich's method among others on Youtube 

ie: cut off old jack, strip wires of outer insulation, burn off inner insulation, and wire+solder to new jack.

However, since I didn't have a new 3.5mm replacement jack handy, I thought I could get all daring and "Frankenstein" my dad's old busted cell phone headset on. It was a 2.5mm jack instead of a standard 3.5mm, but since I have a little 2.5 to 3.5 adapter it was no problem. 

When I stripped the HEADSET wires though I found red and copper, green and blue. (As opposed to the red and copper, green and copper of average earphone with no mic). I was taken aback by the blue but assumed that it must be for the mic on the headset so I just ignored that one and left its insulation on. I assumed the single copper wire was for ground. 

So what I did was twist together my left and right earphone ground wires (copper) and then combine those with the single copper wire from the other 2.5 cord for ground.

SO, I twisted all the wires together in their correct positions, and even soldered them WHILE the jack was plugged in to my player to make sure everything was working. I was able to hear music coming out of them the whole time. I soldered the stripped wires of the 2.5mm headset cord and jack to the stripped earphone wires, red to red, green to green. doubled ground to single copper. check.

I thought it was a success because I could hear nicely, but afterwards I experienced some... unpleasantness while listening to them. Like I was getting getting a tiny electric shock or something. The discomfort makes me wonder if perhaps the blue wire which I ignored (mic?) should have been grounded and not just left loose?

So that's my question: should I have wired that blue wire in with the ground ones? Would the earphones play if ground wasn't working at ALL? and last, do you guys see anything wrong with what I did?

I;m a newbie to all this (as you can probably tell) so thank you guys for your responses in advance.