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If SQ is a non-factor, then the sky's the limit. I see really great boomboxes at flea markets all the time and I'm so tempted to buy a few but they just sound so gawd-awful I can't even stand it! It's gotta be all about the love because wow... what awful noise comes out of those old things.
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Check out this site.

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Lasonic, the classic Ghetto Box maker is putting out one with a built in iPod dock and is controlled by what were the tape buttons. If you're really looking to get him a cool present, I'm sure one of the DIY gurus on here could modify an existing box to be able to use the tape buttons.
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Wait, it said brother, not son. Anyway, there's a LOT of them out there. I paid $10 for a small one that sounds great for what it is. Check some thrift stores, and vintage electronic stores if you have them in the area.
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I have an old Pioneer with a 2 way speaker system I use at work....has seen better days but has a line in and out so I hook up my DAP or laptop when I want to watch a DVD. Can't crank it too loud but sounds pretty good. The tape deck is a lost cause and I really don't want to replace the belts since I don't need the tape deck.

Checked out the above link and there it is my Pioneer..an SK31...cool
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i love vintage boomboxes however i have a backpack speaker system that is just as obnoxious and cool not to mention it haz leds that flash to music, btw  i made it myself :D

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i love ghetto blasters.


listen to this. palm trees and other stuff coming out of the valley


(when you come out your **** is gone.)



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i actually meant to post this: death grips hacker

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let me BUMP this thread Too as I would to know the ** answer ** to the Title here in this thread!
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