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Best/Coolest Old School Boombox/Ghettoblaster?

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Hey, I am interested in buying a really old school full metal boombox for pure retro flavor. However, despite my knowledge about PCDPs, I don't know the first thing about ghettoblasters, let alone tapes. So if anyone here knows something about them, please feel free to grace me with your wisdom!
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Check out the following link below which leads to another forum site dedicated to vintage walkmans and ghettoblasters:


It's an awesome site and a few of our members here are also a member of the site listed above.
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Wow.. people are trying to revive those. I'm thinking, hey, that could be kind of neat if I wanted to remind myself of what crappy sound is, just as for a reference.

All I can say is:

"Everything old will become new again."
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You mean something like this??

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YES! Oh boy... can you imagine walking around with one of those things? Haha, the looks you'd get... priceless.
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I'd love to blast Grandmaster Flash - The Message through that while walking through the financial district during rush hour.

That would be terminally dope.
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Neat site; it's amazing that people collect almost anything. I especially like the units with the analog VU meters on them. I don't know how practical they are on those machines but back in the day i preffered them when i was recording to the led ones. They actually taught me a bit about music dynamics. Makes we want to try to find and fix my old Sony monster. Which for a boombox had quite clean and loud sound

So now where is the site for vintage open reel recorders? although this may not be the right forum
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Forget the analog meters.....get the ones with the flashing LED for either power output or bouncing to the beat of the music.

Let's see....where are my old school roller skates?
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This website is pretty rad, a entire museum of Boombox history...


Grab this one and then show the kids on your block how "Dope" you really are
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This was my personal sound source for about two years. I gave it to my brother and he still uses it. JVC RC-M90 -- accept no boombox subsititute. A sweet ride. Solenoid controls were the best. Classy on a boombox (I hate the term ghettoblaster). I paid almost $400 for it. But if it was good enough for L.L. Cool J, it's good enough for me. (I had mine first, BTW).

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Back in the days, late 70's to early 80's. I rember that JVC and Pioneer were all the rage when it came to booboxes. Big, loud, and mean sounding. Don't see much of them around these days.
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Damn, Veritas, why did you post this thread? Now you've got my adreneline pumping. I hadn't thought about that boombox of mine for years. Then I was goofing around and followed that link to the boombox collectors site. Mine is the holy grail of boomboxes! They consider $800 a fair price and one of the only two they've ever seen on ebay sold with a Buy It Now of $950! Holy jezus! I just shot off an email to my brother saying he's going to be handing back that boombox, pronto. He can call me an Indian giver all he wants. I'll buy him a damn ipod!
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glad to help
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I'm going to bump this years old thread...

My brother wants a battery powered portable ghetto blaster, preferably with an auxiliary input for his DAPs. The sound doesn't have to be amazing, it just shouldn't clip/distort or sound too cheesy.

Retro look would be nice.
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How DARE you bump a thread like this!!!11ONE >_< Now, I want to restore a boombox. Well, I suppose I could settle for building something like this:

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