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I currently own a FiiO E11 (had the E6 before). My first headphone amps ever! :)
So, my line of headphones are


Sony MDR-X10


Sens HD212Pro


Of those, the Sony gets the most of the usage as I like the fuller sound I get from it even if the soundstage is not as big as say the JVC. I do love bass but still do not like to kill details.
Anyways, I always wanted to have a tube amp so this one got my attention.
What should I expect going from the E11 to this tube amp and do you think it will be a good match?

One thing I like about the E11 is that it has the EQ choices which for some songs lacking in bass big time, it helps to bring them back to more normal levels.

Just trying to determine if it is worth it



Thanks !

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