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Atrio MG7s. Best bassy IEMs IMO.

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I just bought a ZO2 Amp for my V-moda Crossfade M-100's. I guess we'll see if this fixes the problem. If not? I'll return the V-MODA's and try your suggestions! Which would be the most bassy out of all of these, though?
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why not try bose ie2, with mic and controller as well.

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I like the Wooduo 2 but it has no mic frown.gif is there one for it ? Separately ?
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I will definitely try all of these if I still don't like my V-MODA's with the amp.
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The klipsch s4 and x10 have a lot of bass. Never heard the urbeats though.

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For a tiny pair of buds, they have pretty powerful bass. But the mids get muddled and highs are painful at higher volumes, and everything gets distorted. That's why I'm trying to find something a little better with just a tad more bass than those.
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I guess that makes sense because of the size of the driver. I usually listen at low volumes so I guess I didn't notice...

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Originally Posted by Rewkie View Post

Atrio MG7s. Best bassy IEMs IMO.


Yep. I got a pair here and there's just nothing that comes close.

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I'll definitely look into the MG7's if these V-MODA's don't work out! I think I'm just a buds guy. I can get more immersed in music that's playing IN my head than 2 inches away from it.
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Originally Posted by Bobby123179 View Post

Let me keep this short and to the point. I'm not an audiphile, I know this is probably not the place to look, but I don't know where else to ask.

I'm looking for some new headphones. I currently use urbeats by dre. Unfortunately, I dislike how the sound becomes muddled at higher volumes, and I'm looking for just SLIGHTLY more bass. Yes, more bass than beats. Don't judge.

Do these headphones exist? Are their over the ear headphones better? My budget is $300-ish. Can I get anything better? I listen to mostly bass-heavy electronic music. These urbeats only cost me $100. My budget is $200 more than that. So if I can't find any better headphones with what I want at that price, I'm calling a vote to vote these headphones as #1 for price and quality. Thanks for any and all help! (Please no judgement. You audiophiles can get nasty to bass-heads sometimes).

If you got an iPhone 5S, use your free Apple Earbuds (not the older versions, because those sound really bad). It's basically what you ask except that the isolation and comfort is bad. I think they sound better than urbeats.

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Um, no. I assume you're not actually serious and you're just slamming beats. You can get those apple buds for $0.99 on eBay. They're the WORST headphones on the market.
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Yeah, the "earpods" are putrid. Seriously though the MG7 are unbelievable on the bass. You'll love 'em.


One tip: use the upside-down fit, not the normal kind. As in, take the left earbud and insert it into your right ear upside down and vice versa. ROCK solid insertion, perfect seal, sounds beautiful.

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