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Audioengine A2+ with BK Gemini Subwoofer

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Hi guys, I'm quite a novice at this so please forgive me.


Currently I have a USB connection going to my A2+ Speakers and using the built in DAC. I then have a low level input from the Speakers to the Sub which I have set to about 75hz cutoff. This seems like a sub-optimal way of doing things. Am I right in thinking this is bad in terms of sound quality with the inevitable merging of frequencies from the A2+ and the Sub?


As far as I can tell my other options are: 



1) Buy a an external DAC, run the cable directly to the Sub and use the high level feed and use the A2+ Speakers as satellites.


2) Buy a Sound Card and use the flex bass utility on the Xonar Audio Center to set the crossover frequency.


3) Buy an external DAC and use a splitter between the Sub and Speakers.



Not sure what would be the best, never had any experience with Subwoofers before so many thanks for any advice you can give!

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Option 4: Get a better pair of speakers.

The Audioengine A2 series appears to have an artificially boosted midbass hump centered above 100hz. They are trying to overcome the small drivers to make them sound like they have more bass. Those speakers are just problematic for trying to integrate a sub to get a smooth response if that is your goal.

Meanwhile, an optimal way to integrate any sub is to also have a high pass filter on the audio signal sent to the speakers. Otherwise, your only choice is to try to set the low pass filter on the sub to match up with the low frequency roll off of a set of speakers. There are some studio monitor speakers, like the Adam F5, that have an 80hz high pass filter switch built in so you can set the sub low pass filter to 80hz and get a smooth integration.
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Thanks for the reply, I had read about the artificially increased bass on the A2+ - and as such I am looking for a replacement. Probably going to go for the Q-Acoustic 2010i as space is somewhat of an issue. And use those with an DAC/Amp, seems like the best option.

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