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For Sale: Schiit Lyr w/ Various Tubes

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For Sale:
Schiit Lyr w/ Various Tubes

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is my Schiit Lyr amp. I purchased this from another Head-Fi member around one year ago and it's worked great. Recently upgraded to a new amp and have no use for the Lyr. 


Overall the amp is in very good shape. 

Two items to call out:

  1. Volume knob - The allen bolt that holds the volume knob on can become loose and needs to be tightened (I think I've done this twice in the year I've owned it)
  2. Where the tubes are inserted there is a small amount of wear around the openings. All Lyrs I've seen have this (see pictures for reference)


What is included:

  • Schiit Lyr (obviously)
  • Power cable
  • User manual
  • Original packaging
  • Stock GE 6BZ7 and JJ Tubes 


Bonus Items:

  • Genalex Golden Lion tubes ($100 from
  • An additional set of tubes that will be a surprise
  • Schiit PYST cables 


Price includes Paypal fees. Buyer please add $15 for shipping. No trades, CONUS only.

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Great price! Good luck with the sale.
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This is an awesome price. 

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