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Wanted: Entry level Stax electrostatic amps/earspeakers/energizers

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to get into electrostatic terriotry, I spent over an hour listening to a bunch of Lambdas (404LE,407, Lambda Normal Bias, etc) at the Bay area meet and now I'm really craving a Stax setup. 

I'm mainly looking to get something in the lower/mid end of the lambda family, be it vintage or the newer stuff. Not really interested in the SRX/Gamma/In the ear type ones, just the Lambda earspeakers and lower end amps/energizers. Something like an old Lambda Normal bias and an SRD-7 energizer is mainly what I'm considering (vintage stuff seems like a better value to me).
Not looking to spend more than about $600, but I can add trade items (like a Schiit Lyr).
PM me with whatever you have and we'll see if we can work out a deal.


Bought a set just now.

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