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I bought a grado sr60 from strid3r and everything went so sommth , i got the item really fast . Great communication as well.
Tnx man and i wont hesitate to do business again.
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Multiple transactions

After a couple transactions with Rich my feedback is overdue.

The first transaction was for a Mint amplifier.
Communications was effortless and a payment plan was worked out in one message.
Only one catch ... said payment plan was never needed cause he paid in full two days later.

The next deal was for a Pimeta and IC
Very easy communications via aim and a quick payment made this deal even easier to strike then the first one.

Awesome buyer.
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I traded a pair of A500's and $20 dollars for a pair of Beyerdynamic DT440's. I am very pleased he was quick and friendly. I will do business with him again.
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Great Trader!! Trading with him has been an excellent experience. Would definately do again. Thanks strid3r.

EDIT: damn typos....
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i bought an AV710 from stirder. he got it out to me quickly and it was packaged very well. i was impressed with the effort he put to make sure nothing was damaged. defenitely a great person to do business with.
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Another seamless transaction with Rich leaves me wondering why they all can't be that easy.
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sold him a few cd's, he paid, i shipped, we both had a on our face. would do biz w/ again w/o hesitation.
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super fast payment this guy RAWKS!!!

On a serious note, bought some koss cans, fast payment, no complaints. Easy as pie.!!!
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Sold a pair of Shure E2c to strid3r about a week ago. He was pleasant to deal with and sent payment immediately upon agreement of sale. Two thumbs up!
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Add me to the list....traded some speakers for a cable + cash, Rich was great. Communication was tops, cable in excellent condition. Thanks for an easy deal, and enjoy the speakers!
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Rich bought a DVD player from me. Payment was fast and communication was easy. Enjoy!

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Rich bought some headphones from me and the transaction was great! His payment was very quick, he was courteous, and communication was perfect. Thanks!
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Thanks for a good transaction! Cheers.
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Sold some CDs to strid3r. He was polite and paid very promptly. Definetly would do business again. Thanks.
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sold him a pair of 414 pads.
smooth transaction. i like it!
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