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I have been looking for an upgrade from my on-board soundcard to a new soundcard. But which one should i choose? 
I have been looking at : 
Creative Sound Blaster Zx

Asus Rog Xonar Phoebus

1. because of the price
2. because they have that external thing to plug headphones into, so i dont have to get down by my computer everytime i have to choose my soundsystem or my headphones (By pluggin them in) 

The soundcard is for gaming, music and movies, so it should be an all-arounder.. 


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I recently bought a SB Z but returned it unimpressed with it only being a side step to my old XFI.

The Xonar Phoebus is arguably the superior and better sounding card but has it's own issues in being let down by poor drivers (Maybe newer drivers have resolved early issues?)  I'll have to ask my cousin if the recent drivers for Win8.1 x64) (Dec 2013) have solved the issues with his Phoebus.


What headphones are you using?

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Yeah, what cans do you have? It would only worth it if you have really good headphones.

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I'm using Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.. Its not because they need and DAC/AMP, because its only 16 ohms, but i really need something to plug them into, like i wrote, i dont want to get down behinde my computer everytime i have to change from my soundsystem to my headphones... 

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A 3.5mm audio cable extender and a twin socket 3.5mm splitter (Less than £6 posted for both) which you could run to somewhere closer & more accesible would be the most cost effective way of doing it then.
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Soundcards tend to have high output impedance which is a bad idea if you're using 16ohm headphones.

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