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Man, I would spend HOURS in a place like that. That is crazy.


Also great tune! But maybe not the best test tune.. Hmmm..


Any particular reason they don't want people taking photos?


Thanks mate!


That's a staff guy calling security when I started taking pics. It's all about the price tags. 

It's considered good etiquette to not play tourist with the price tags in the back of your photos. 

The smaller the shop the more sensitive they are likely to be.

I post shop pics more than most who live in Japan because they know the deal. It's best to not draw attention to yourself.

Even a big chain store isn't happy.

e-earphone dudes will not be amused and some big wigs on this site I'm under the impression meet-ups with them/ at their place/booth.  EDION or Fujiya avic, stress but the boutique shops can be downright indignant with such behavior. You can check with anyone you know in Japan. It's all about the tags and display style and equipment they are using.

According to a guy at e-earphone if a pic of a flagship is shown not running out of the recommended amp it can cause them to not be 1st or 2nd when it comes to pre-releases and other corp perks.


They are covering their butts. Wisely.


That jazz piece was beautiful on stuff like the T1 but not on the HD800. That is NOT the amp config for the HD800. I'd guess it's part of the reason security was called.


It's a business. 

Who are you really and why are you taking pictures....of headphones?

They can get paranoid because it's a small chance you work for a rival. 




Your gonna have to ask the gf to go shopping cuz you'll be stuck in there forever.

The most expensive stuff is not the best sounding and then you can't stop hunting for the gems.


Good stuff!