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Yeah, I've noticed that they get uncomfortable after longer listening.

And I know! These things shake like nothing else! But too bad because you'd think with all that shaking, there'd be more bass inside of the cans, right?
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What exactly do you think is causing the shaking?

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Certainly not the bass! If there were enough bass to make those cans shake, you'd be able to clearly hear it. I hear very weak and underpowered bass.
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Are you sure you're not confusing bass with the lower mids? Cans don't just shake for no reason. I know it sounds like a stupid question, but Beats do suffer from bass bleed, which makes lower sounds that aren't bass sound like bass.
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Well, the beats do have powerful mids because of the bleed. But no, I'm talking about the bass. Although, the mids are also lacking on the v-MODAs.
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YouTube Rips aren't going to cut it.

They sound horrible. Even the best quality videos- you can still hear the difference. Ripping off YouTube is just as illegal as getting it full quality somewhere else. 


BestBuy has a good selection of headphones you can try out. They do have the newer XB series there last time I went. Many of their stores have extra headphones up for display but in the Home theater section; pretty much hidden. They have had the following headphones at my store:

Senn HD439

Koss Pro DJ100

Pioneer HDJ Series

AKG K550

AKG K545

One of the 'Highend' Denons

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

Senn HD280

Senn HD558



Maybe you can compare your headphones to others and see if you like any other headphone better/see better performance than your M-100, maybe they could be defective. I think the one with the heaviest bass of the bunch is the Momentum and Pioneer HDJ.

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It's not the youtube rips and he doesn't need an amp for efficient headphones. Either his unit is defective, which I find unlikely given the shake and the fact that he is ok with what he hears when he pushes the cans to his head; his seal is inadequate, which I find unlikely because his friend reported the same lack of bass, or he and his friend are so acclimated to heavy, booming, distorted bass that anything with relative clarity sounds lacking in quantity to them. I think the last option is most likely the answer and I think it's pretty sad that this forum helped encourage him to spend a further $120 on a pair of $300 headphones with a sound signature he doesn't like.


Edit: Just to clarify... I'm not saying there is no appreciable difference in files of greater quality than a youtube rip. I'm saying that even on ****ty youtube rips you can detect the presence of bass with any phone that reproduces bass, yet OP is reporting there being basically no bass at all.


Edit 2: Look, to be honest, I hope I'm wrong and the unit is defective and he ends up with a replacement that he loves. Maybe it is the seal. It does seem bizarre to think that someone could say there's basically no bass when they really meant to say they like more bass or that they like a different character to their bass.

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I don't feel that they're defective. They actually have pretty okay bass on a couple specific songs that I have with extra bass. I'm going to try tightening the band slightly so they fit tighter against my head. And I'm also going to try the ZO2 and see if this solves the problem. I have a feeling that it will. Now that I REALLY listen to them, they have good sound. I guess I'm just really accustomed to "good bass" meaning beats super-bloated bass. I also like the way that my urbeats mids are amplified by the bass bleed. You might say that it's stupid, and it sounds bad. But it makes low synths SUPER powerful and dramatic. It sounds awesome. The mids on the M-100's are kind of lacking of texture. I'm trying to think of this on the quality side as much as possible. But I'm missing the quantity I get out of my Urbeats.
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Good luck brother. My first "expensive" pair of headphones was the Sennheiser HD 280 Pros. They sounded so good in the display. I remember hooking them up to my iPod and playing some tracks and thinking "oh crap, what have I done?". They sounded thin, weak, like everything was playing from in a tin can, without any body or feeling. A month later, and forever more, I came to appreciate their increased detail so much more than what my white apple earbuds offered that I had a clear and strong preference for the 280s. I hope your brain adjusts, too.

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Oh shoot should mention, I am running my m100 through a Fiio x3. I tried it just now on my smart phone and it's pretty anemic. I could now not live with it or any cans on a phone, not any I have...
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Originally Posted by Bobby123179 View Post

I guess I'm just really accustomed to "good bass" meaning beats super-bloated bass. I also like the way that my urbeats mids are amplified by the bass bleed. You might say that it's stupid, and it sounds bad. But it makes low synths SUPER powerful and dramatic. It sounds awesome.

It does seem as though you want distorted, fluttering woofer over-excursion bass. Auto competition levels.

There is no physical way to get that with a driver that is 90mm or smaller in diametre. Physics just get in the way.

I used to DJ a long time ago, for a couple of decades, and one residency consisted of me playing lots of Gangsta Rap using my gear-head buddies system. We intentionally voiced it so that it was clean but absurdly deep, well into the lower 20's. Lights would clip on each beat of Snoop, Dre and such.

I would get it so that we set up standing waves in the stairwells of the club and the main floor jock was NOT happy as our set bled through to his because our bass was so clean and tight. Techno only went down to 45hz at the time, but that is teeth-rattlingly loud in the right room, with the volume at maximum, and you are dancing on the bass bins. 45hz will make your body cavity resonate. Thoomp Thoomp Thoomp.

What you are describing with EBM and Dubstep bass is distortion paired with maximum volumes and woofer over-excursion. I suspect that the clubs you go to have blown their stacks.

I suggest, seriously for real, that you look into a pair of 12" to 18" servo controlled woofers, in a very large box, with a multi-kilo-watt very large wattage amplifier. You will want to pick a design and cabinet that have a resonance paired with driver Fs that gets that sub effective FR down in the 9hz to15hz range. The power required to get the air-moving volume that you want will require dedicated power lines and circuit breakers and any neighbours that you have within 100 metres will know when you are listening.

You appear to want the effect of placing your head inside the sub boxes at a large club or arena DJ set as they clip the amp on each beat.

That is not going to be easy to replicate.
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Then where are you getting your music from? CD's? I'll be running mine through a ZO2. Will that improve them a lot?
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And actually, I don't want THAT much bass. It may sound like it, but the most I can handle is a 3X bass booster. And I even turned my equalizer down to 2.5X because 3X was too much. I basically want the 2X-2.5X bass that my computer equalizer can produce through my urbeats, but in my M-100's instead. Also, with not-crap sound. Because when you turn up the bass on an equalizer, you distort the hell out of the rest of the song. Apparently, the ZO2 can deliver that bass while also improving the sound quality? Or so I've heard. I guess I'll find out next week when it shows up in the mail!
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I'm positive the ZO will cure your problem. You should be able to enjoy both MORE BASS and BETTER QUALITY at the same time than you're used to previously, a win-win. Just make sure the ZO is set into high-gain, (pink led after having pressed down volume up for 3 secs or so if it's in low gain mode while set to the highest volume level in low gain (purple led color) and then adjust the volume of your source suitably (the higher the volume is set on the source, the easier you'd run into clipping when you start boosting the bass). I have a feeling around lime - yellow range (middle) or so will be more than sufficient.

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I truly hope so! If the ZO2 cures my problem, I will be incredibly happy with my M-100's. They look great (in my opinion), they're built like a tank, they're pretty comfortable and I'll continue getting used to them, and overall they have pretty dynamic sound. Mids are lacking, but oh well. I'm not just going to throw our my urbeats. And maybe I can play around with an equalizer a bit and see if that helps any. But yeah, I've been switching back and forth between my urbeats and M-100s, and the difference in sound quality is just as big as the difference in bass quantity, except the other way around. Urbeats bass >M-100 bass. M-100 sound quality >>>>>> Urbeats. It's pretty obvious to tell the difference.
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