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V-MODA Crossfade M-100: Am I doing something wrong?  

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Hi, I purchased these headphones about a week ago and they finally showed up today. I was SUPER excited because people said they have heavy bass (better than beats) and have excellent sound quality.


However, from the solid hour of listening I've put into them thus far, this is not the case. Truthfully, the sound isn't all that amazing. It's not clear. And the bass is virtually non-existent except for insanely bass-boosted songs, where it sounds like normal bass. I read the instruction manual from front to back before using them, so I didn't do anything wrong to break them already.


I tried very bass-heavy songs over and over again saying "Hm, that doesn't sound that great. Oh! I know! This song is AMAZING and has perfect bass! Maybe this song sounds good through these headphones!"


Again, not the case. Honestly, my friend has a $10 pair of skull-candy buds that have far greater sound then these. I've tried both cables that this comes with, and they're not defective. Is the sound quality really this terrible? Or am I not doing something correctly? Can anyone give me any ideas to troubleshoot or fix what's wrong with them or what I'm doing wrong?


Fast replies would be appreciated, for I want to get them working well hopefully by the end of the week. Is it possibly just the fact that they're brand new and I haven't broken them in yet? I don't believe that could be it because these sound absolutely horrendous. My UrBeats Earbuds blow these out of the water in both sound quality and bass. And they cost about 1/5 as much. This is my first pair of over-the-ear headphones. Do over-the-ear headphones just have weaker sound? Are Buds better? Because I've always been under the impression that the much larger drivers in the over-the-ear headphones could deliver much fuller sound.


Sorry for the word wall, everyone. I'm just so disappointed with these headphones. I read nothing but good things about them, but all I can say is that they're maybe a 2/10 at the most. And for the price? These are absolute junk. Is it something I'm doing wrong? Or are these completely defective? Thanks!

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Any help?

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I just tested them on a youtube video that supposedly "tests your woofer's bass". And they handled the bass clearly and perfectly fine. But now how can I apply that to the music I listen to? Because my normal playlists are lacking.

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I've been continuously testing these with bass-heavy music that should have amazing bass. These headphones literally don't have any of the bass playing. Guys, I'm serious. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get the powerful bass that I know these headphones can drive? Some people say I need to buy an amp like a FiiO E11. Others say the amp won't help almost at all. What do I do? Are these headphones junk or defective? Or is there something I'm not doing that can improve the?

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I don't own these, but I suggest you take it easy.
You bought something that cost some money, and you are excited and you are possibly disappointed.
Listen to some of your favourite music, let the 100's burn in for a few days.
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How are you listening to your music? Did you rip it off of YouTube? iTunes?

Like marone said, it could also just be that you are not used to the sound of them. Just give yourself a day or so with them and remember that bass isn't everything.

I do find it kind of odd that you say there's absolutely no bass whatsoever, though. Are you speaking the truth when you say there is literally no bass? Are you sure the songs you are listening to are supposed to have bass where you are expecting?

Edit: I looked through your post history and noticed something: you're equating bass quantity with sound quality. Now I think the problem is that you're upset that these don't have as much bass as your Beats. I'd still reccomend giving them a few days, but if you still don't like them and feel like they're defectice, you could return them and get a new pair or just stick with the overpowering bass of the Beats.
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assuming you got these from an authorized dealer and their legit, id guess youre just not used to "quality bass". ive heard a limited amount of beats products and they all have a massive mid-bass hump that kicks you in the face. the m-100 have a healthy boost with tight controlled bass, i.e quality bass (relative to the price ofcourse). coming from the offensive beats, you may well be disillusioned with your new product, because you were expecting the same as your old headphones, only "better". what you actually got, was a good pair of headphones (good is subjective ofcourse), and you werent prepared. the m-100 are indeed pretty bassy... i dont mean to be a beats basher because i really feel that to each their own applies here, perhaps youre just a beats guy?


another option is that the music youre listening to isnt bassy. what music do you listen to? what quality are your files? where did you get them?


an amp wont do you much good i dont think. the m-100 are pretty efficient. the e11 has a bass boost function which may be the reason it was recommended to you. i personally dont like hardware eqs to much, and would recommend you use a software eq. what player do you use?


one last thing: i dont believe in burn in. but perhaps take a couple of days to get used to the new sound? its very different from the signature you were used to, give your ears (or rather - your brain) some time to adjust. dont fuss and fret about bass presence, just listen to your music and enjoy, see if you dont change your mind after a few of days.


good luck

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Seriously? I love mine because of the heavy bass! If it's a song with heavy bass mine trembles very deeply, seriously. They are great for anywhere you don't want sound leakage like at work or on public transport. Give a week, there is an initial combination of excitement in all hifi purchases, give it a few days. I really love mine, they are powered by a fiio x3 and portaphile 627 amp.
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Jerry, we can't possibly be talking about the same headphones.

And well, I'm a total bass head. So bass quantity = sound quality to me, most of the time. Of course, I like to hear everything else too! But during a heavy part of a song, (such as a "drop" in dubstep), I want to go "Wow. That's powerful." I showed these to a friend of mine who lives next door who is also a bass head. I showed him what they can handle, and then what they actually produce. His first response? "Dude. Where's the bass? Is it not playing?"

After going into an equalizer and putting my 3X bass setting on an already bass-boosted song, I got decent quality bass, but nothing that can compare to my buds.

Maybe I am just wrong. Otherwise, the sound quality is very clear and accurate. The mids are a little lacking for my taste as well, but I'm not the only one who's said this so I expected this.

And I don't think I'm a beats guy. Truthfully, I think it's just the fact that I dislike over the ear headphones in general because even though they produce more powerful sound, it doesn't sound as powerful because the drivers are an inch away from your head, instead of half an inch inside of your head, like buds. I'll give them a day because (yes, I purchased them from an authorized dealer. I bought them brand new from the V-MODA website) I have a 60-day warranty/test run. I'll give these a chance. But I went through every song on my typical playlists and they truthfully all sound worse. I guess I'm just an earbuds guy because buds just immerse you in the music more. I guess you can say I'm not looking for "quality". I'm not looking for something that sounds completely flat. To me, that's boring. I want to feel completely immersed with the music and feel the bass. I've owned a pair of audio technica ATH-M50's before and has the same problem. Decent sound. No bass. Being a bass head, that doesn't work for me. I guess if I listened to like smooth jazz or rock, these would be excellent headphones. But for any heavy electronic music? These are no better than a pair of $10 skull candy buds.

I'm not going to go drop $100 on an amp if I plan on returning these. I guess I'm stuck listening to them as-is for a couple days, and I'll package them back up over the weekend and send them back Monday. I'm just not an over-the-ear type of guy, I guess. But I'm looking for something more powerful than my urbeats. Because their bass isn't even all that amazing or overpowered. But they get very distorted at high volumes. Which is a major problem for me.

Anyways, if anyone has any more suggestions, send them my way. Otherwise? I'm going to return these and continue my search for some better headphones with my $300 budget. Even though my budget isn't that high, I can't find anything better than my $100 buds (that you can usually find on sale anywhere for like $70). I honestly can't believe that these $100 are the best bass headphones you can find for under $300. I refuse to believe it. If anyone can suggest anything I can do to improve the bass on the V-MODA's, please suggest something. Because I've tried everything.

And if anyone could suggest a pair of buds that have good sound quality at high volume without distortion, and also have powerful bass (maybe even more powerful than what I have now?), please suggest options. I'm always open to them! Thank you!
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you may want to try ultrasone hfi 580. ive never heard them myself, but i understand their pretty bassy. as for iems, their not really my cup of tea, but ive heard alot of good things about the Denon AH-C300. i wanted to get them myself but couldnt find a dealer who would ship to my country... 


oh and look into the JVC HA-MR77X. their under your budget and some guy in a different thread is raving about how good they are compared to his beats studios.

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Thank you Adam, for the suggestions! I'll definitely look into all of those!

Someone also suggested to me that I try the sennheiser ie80's, but they're a little out of my price range ($450). Someone also said I should try the monster pro turbine gold's, but I'm not sure how much I trust monster because I've heard their headphones before, and they're not great, in my opinion. So I'm not sure which route to go.
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I know this is a stupid question but is the cable fully inserted? I was just listening to daft punk and it sounded bassy, clean bossy to me anyway... Best of luck man, I mean in addition to a classic figure, I like women on the bigger side, in our beloved hobby, it's all up to our picky ears, and recommendations are always just a start. To quote one comedian, to me my girlfriend is the most fantastic wonderful woman in the world. But to my wife.... wink.gif at least you can return headphones....
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Also, the monster's aren't even sold on their website, so I don't get a warranty. I don't trust buds without a warranty.
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Yes, the cable is fully inserted. I tried both cables in both ears.
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Sorry for post-stalking you, but urbeats is pretty much identical to the old iBeats which was made by monster.

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