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Seeking assistance from Beyerdynamic Folk

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I am somewhat hard of hearing.  Like music on an Ipod Touch-5th gen. with a Fiio E11 plus music on a laptop, but mostly like to listen through my Home Theater system powered by an Onkyo THX 609---cds, blue-ray movies, Pandora, etc.


I can get the following:


BD DT770 Pro/252  for $134.00 new   or

BD DT880 Pro/252  for $187.00 new   or

BD DT990 Pro/252  for $145.00 new


Which do you feel is the best deal, and does the best deal sound like the one for me?


Would another of the above other than the best deal be appropriate form?


Would another choice be best for in another phone that you can recommend?


Open or closed make no difference to me-----just the best and most exciting sound that would fit my needs!


Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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I'm Pretty much a noob when it comes to headphones and I really want to taste what a quality (but not so expensive) headphone deliver. My current headphone is JBL J88 and I play straight out of my Dell xps laptop or iPhone. After a few days research, I'm thinking of getting DT 990 250 pro with Fiio E9/E17. My kind of music is mainly Rock(all types of rock ).
Would any one kind enough to suggest if I'm doing it right?
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