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Hello =]

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My name is Tony, I'm not an audiophile but I do love it when I can listen to my music to its fullest.


I have recently purchased the MEElectronics A151P and they're nice, but it sounds like its spectrum is small. The bass and treble roll off too early for me and I don't think I can hear everything like I used to on my Yamaha.


I listen to a lot of instrumentals, some vocals, and occasionally pop or hip hop.

I'm looking for something like the A151P but with fuller sound and sub $100.

I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions?


Thank you all.

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welcome to head-fi! sorry about your wallet.


I'd vote for the etymotic hf5, but its neutral bass may not be enough for pop/hiphop. It's soundstage is also quite small, but then again, iem's usually have small soundstages.


there are other excellent and better choices as well like the hifiman he-400 waterline (which i havent heard)


I recommend you ask in this thread. And definitely look at the reviews as well.

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According to the thread b0000 linked, VSonic GR06 IEMs are the way to go. For what you're getting, it's an excellent value. Comfortable, sounds great, and so on. If you want to look at those, I've seen largely glowing reviews for them. I've been looking around at IEMs myself for under $100 and those caught my eye. Haven't heard them, but honestly, I'm not sure anything else matters from what I saw of that thread - unless you want a different sound signature.

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