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Try pulling them slightly away from your ear. They're much less warm but I like them more that way
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The Enigmas definitely do have a vicegrip clamp when you first get them. It does loosen overtime, but you're probably best off stretching them out a bit by hand. 


Also, I'm not a huge fan of the suspension band implementation in the Enigmas. I think it is well done on the Paradox headphones, but not needed on the Enigma. 


I have a huge head, so the Enigmas barely fit perfectly at the largest setting. Apart from that though, it's really easy to get a good seal with these. My version has the Alpha Pads, not sure if that makes any difference. They are a bit 

harder than the custom pads that Luis had before.

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Oh I didn't see this new challenger !
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Originally Posted by Haidar View Post

Anyone had a chance to compare the ZMF x Vibro to the Enigma?
Bump ! I'm really interested in this duel too ! smily_headphones1.gif
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Check out the latest temporary addition to my desk clutter, courtesy of gelocks

So far, impressions are very favorable. Trying them out in a number of genres and also for gaming. Compared to my Sig Pros, they're a completely different beast. I think in some ways I prefer the Ultrasones, but in other ways the Enigmas are clear, obvious winners. Separation and soundstage width is superb, which is definitely what I was hoping to hear. What I didn't expect is the sheer texture of the sound. Bass isn't as powerful as the SP's, but you can easily feel the difference between varieties of bass. When there are horns, you can feel them like they're in the room with you (speaking as a euphonium player, so believe me, I know). I can't think of any other way to describe it than audible texture. Is this part of the nature of having ortho drivers? Regardless, I LOVE it.

The balance is different than I'm used to. Granted, I'm used to Ultrasone balance, even if the Signature Pros are the most neutral of the family. Bass is good, I just want more of it. They're not as efficient as I'm used to, so I'm turning the amp up more than I usually do. When I turn them up enough, the bass scales wonderfully with the other frequencies. They sound just slightly anemic at softer volumes. Haven't tried them with another source since I'm not sure if I have a 1/4-1/8" adapter lying around. People are saying the high end is a bit rolled off, but honestly I haven't noticed it being any kind of issue.

Only a couple other things, since these are supposed to be SHORT first impressions. :biggrin: Comfort is fine. At first it felt fine, then I thought there was too much pressure, then removed the suspension band and they're great. Heavy and snug (compared to SP's which now feel like feathers), but comfy. Like a hug, lol. My 'sones still have them beat for raw power. There's more THUD when notes hit, and energetic music sounds more fun and aggressive. They're more direct. That's really the only advantage, though, and you may recognize that's not actually objectively better. Also, gaming is excellent with the Enigmas, especially first person. Played some Skyrim earlier and only stopped because my controller is finicky.

Having a lot of fun with these. Huge thanks to gelocks for lending these to me. Somebody buy them from him! But only when I'm done... and only if I don't decide to buy them myself...

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Buy a new pair from Luis. The new finishes look NUTS. I'm seriously tempted to pick up a second pair in solemn blue!
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I asked if i can get mine repainted but its a no no.  That Solem blue looks sick.  

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I imagine it would be difficult to impossible to refinish the cups. It's a lot more in depth than a coat of paint.

Watched some Supernatural while wearing them, and switched to the Sig Pros a couple episodes in. I have to say, Ultrasone's whole S-Logic thing is legit. The Enigmas have a much wider soundstage and richer texture, and the stereo imaging is far superior. Even so, there's something about the Sig Pros that makes things sound like they're coming from the surrounding room. I've actually had similar experiences with all my Ultrasones where I've had to shift them off my head just to make sure there wasn't someone knocking on my door. Hearing it compared to a headphone that has so much else going for it seriously impresses me.

So basically, I either want Luis to steal S-Logic, or I want Ultrasone to make an ortho... I'd prefer the former, if only because Ultrasone would charge at least $3,000. :rolleyes:

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Then Luis would replicate that same sound signature and charge us 500.00 using T50RPs.  :beerchug:

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You guys definitely crack me up at times. I do appreciate your kindness! :-)

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Originally Posted by LFF View Post



You guys definitely crack me up at times. I do appreciate your kindness! :-)

Good to see you back Luis! 

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