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Looking around it seems pretty conclusive that the 770 are worth the money over the M50, so I'm really just stuck on the amp thing.
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Where do the Senns HD25 fit in? I'm wondering if the DT770 might be a bit big and heavy, and also the 25s wont need an amp...

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- 250Ohm

This Ohm version is good improvement over the 320hm version. It has improved dynamics and transients are pretty good. The bass while, tight and controlled is kind of slow sounding. The bass seems to extend just as much as the 32Ohm model but has a little less weight to the bass. Now the mids are more recessed or shallow sounding on this model compared to the other two models, but are more detailed and transparent than the lower models. The treble though is rather strident sounding and this can has more treble than the lower two versions. The treble seems to take over the sound on modern mastered stuff. One thing to note is that the treble is more extended as well and even more detailed. Now the soundstage on this model is pretty good for a closed headphone, but still rather closed in.


- 80Ohm (PRO)

The 80Ohm model has the most bass out of all the DT770 models. The bass is nice and pronounced with having good impact and depth, though when under amped it can have a mind of it's own. When underamped the bass gets bloated and flabby. The mids are probably the fullest of the DT770 line up but still on the recessed side. The treble is presented nicely although it sounds like it slightly rolled off. The treble is also the smoothest of the DT770 line. The soundstage is smaller then the rest though and certainly smaller than the DT770/250Ohm, most likely due to the bass and treble. This ehadphone it really good for rock, rap, metal, and any other bassy music genre's.


-250Ohm (PRO)

The Pro version sounds almost the same but the thing that is most different is the clamping force of the headband. It clamps quite tight, while the other models have a looser fit. Also the soundstage on this model seems smaller cause of the clamp and the bass is also pronounced because of the clamp as well. Other than that it sounds the same.



Just to confirm, the 250 PRO (the only 250 one I can get) is pretty much the same as the 80? 


And would there be a way to get the 80s to sound like the 250 (as it to clamp tighter)? 

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Another question - I was planning of getting both and testing them out (unamped) but I've just thought, would both of them need breaking in? Cos then surely testing them out the box (over even a while after) wouldn't be a good test?

I'm still looking to get the E11 (found a cheap one) so if the 80Ohm are better still, I'll go for them over the 250 PRO

edit: UPDATE

so I got the 80Ohm and 250Ohm PRO delivered today. Both look pretty much the same, and I think sound pretty similar. The main difference is that the 250Ohm has a coiled cable. Amazingly I can listen to my music pretty loudly on both my phone and PC unamped!
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