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For Sale: Evolution Acoustics MMMicroone

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For Sale:
Evolution Acoustics MMMicroone

Will Ship To: Nearby

Have had these for about a year and a half.  They're quite good for the price but I'm going high sensitivity, either OB or horn, to run off my SETs.  Would highly prefer nearby transaction, the stands are a bit of a PITA to take apart (although I do have all original wooden shipping boxes.)  That means WI, northern IL, ~100 mile drive or so in any direction really.  Will have pictures up soon-ish, these are in great condition.

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Good luck with the sale Tari, you know I tried for quite a while, I ended up deciding it wasn't worth continuing to lower the price on them just so they wouldn't sit in storage for two years while I'm in Korea. So now they sit in storage, part of the reason I'm thinking of ditching the 009s, since part of getting them was selling the MicroOnes.


Anyways, amazing speakers for anyone looking! though less well known

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Thanks, not really actively selling (never even bothered bumping or putting pictures up,) but wanted to at least put up a listing to assuage my guilt while I look at the HE field. When I get serious about selling I'll just throw it up on Audiogon and it will sell in a day or two.

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