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Headphones for gaming/theatre setup

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I'm in the search for a proper pair of movie-watching-and-LONG-gaming-sessions headphones.


I've never been much of an audiophile... if noises are coming out of my headphones then that's usually been good enough for me.

That said, I've also never gotten to experience what I recognize can be the ultimate state of immersion sound can bring, and I'm here to ask you help me change that.



Up until now I've had a pair of Icemat Siberia headphones (afaik nowadays known as Steelseries), which have been unbelievably comfortable and light, but, to my novice ears, afaik haven't been offering me much more.


Since I don't have a clue, let me share my setup to get your opinions on if any higher end stuff would even matter.

I have my tv, computer (G1.Sniper M3 motherboard with an onboard Creative Sound Core3D quad-core audio processor), Xbox 360 and Playstation 4 all connected through a ROLLS MX51s mixer, to allow me to have the sound from all devices at any given time.


Q: Would any of this render getting any higher end headphones pointless, and with the computer specifically in mind, is there anything in particular the onboard sound card could offer me?



I'm looking for a comfortable pair of open headphones to wear for hours on end, that doesn't get warm, and blows my mind and not the bank.

Having looked around, the Philips Fidelio X1 sounds like they would be a really good fit, but they're definitely on the higher end of what I was looking to spend. I would love to be able to stay below $150.


Any suggestions or further questions you guys have, please throw anything you have at me!


Thank you.

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You're going to want a full size open headphone. Open headphones won't get sweaty and usually have the wide open soundstage that makes movies and games sound immersive. Most open headphones tend to be bass light though. But unless you love your explosions, it usually doesn't make a difference. The philips x1 is one of the very few open headphones that isn't bass light.


Based on your price range, the best i can recommend is a sennheiser hd 558/598, or beyerdynamic dt880 if you can find them on sale. What i recommend is saving up a bit until you can go for $250-$400-ish headphones. At that price range (mid-fi) is usually where the price/performance really hits the spot in open headphones.


For sound quality, avoid headsets (unless its the sennheiser pc360) and just buy a quality open headphone + separate mic.


If you want to improve immersion for console gaming, you should get a dolby headphone sound processor like the turtle beach dss2, creative recon3d, or astro mixamp.


Also this thread is your best friend and lover. (seriously) You should try asking there as well.


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