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Hey Guys, First thread, long time Lurker.

I made the mistake of buying a piece of gear whilst drunk without looking into it.
The Item is a Crosley Cruiser "Portable" turntable, which I bought with the intent of gifting it off as a birthday present as I have a fairly decent well built table already.

Herein lies the problem: It plays too fast, the Headphone jack has a grounding issue, and it generally sounds too trebly, with little mids and bass.

I can deal with the first two issues, but I was thinking for the third that maybe a better needle would help the issue, if not maybe upgrading the internals

So the question is can I buy after market moving magnet needles to fit? or would i have to change electronic components to suit, and will this help the sound quality of this piece of crap?

Any other suggestions for improving the sound are much appreciated

Worst comes to worst I will just Scrap the internals and use it as a chassis for some better components.

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