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couple of questions about amp fro hd650 and grado sr 325i

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ive been lurking these forums for quiet a while. I recently purchased a pair of hd650's (upgraded from 558's) which i use for gaming and music.

I have been looking into getting a amp for them and the most recommended around here seems to be the bottlehead crack with the speedball upgrade(I would love to try a valve amp). Now atm i have a essence stx, which is also connected to my audioengine  A5+. This means to make use of the bottlehead i would be constantly swapping the rca's when i want to use the speakers or vice versa. 

I dont mind spending a bit extra on an amp like a shiit lyr or woo audio wa3, which have rca out. But as an electrician would like to build my own amp.


The second question which is sort of related is about the grado sr325's. As i listen to alot of different genre's i have found the sennheisers a bit flat sounding for rock and the like. Dont get me wrong i love the 650's and would not give them up, but i was looking at buying a second pair of headphones which are a bit more suited for the different styles of music and were a bit for exciting to listen too.

The  related part about the questions is having an amp the could possibly suit both sets?


hope this made sense. 

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I'll try to be concise:


If you have the know-how, finding schematics for a good tube amp and building your own will be much much cheaper than buying one. That being said:


Woo-Audio amps will sound great with both the HD650 and SR325i. And yes, I for one would not listen to rock on anything other than my 325i, they're just awesome. Pretty much the opposite of the HD650.

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i forgot to add that i was also worried about the amps i listed would be too much for the grados as i have read they are targeted for higher impedance headphones.

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No amps will be "too much" for any pair of headphones, the Grados will be easier to drive, but they will work just fine. I listen to my SR325i out of my Singlepower MPX3 tube amp and they sound wonderful.

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ok thanks for clearing that up, seems the more i read on the forums the more im leaining towards the woo wa3. seems the schiit is a hybrid? and lacks some tube characteristics. 


just thought id ask a couple more question while im at it, will dolby headphone from the essence still work fine (for gaming) through the wa3? and would my A5+'s be fine running from the rca out?



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No problem with the A5+ if there's a preamp RCA out. For the dolby headphone, I'm not sure, maybe someone else can answer you? They will work fine in stereo for sure, but I'm not certain that the dolby signal would come through.

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Found out the Asus can only do Dolby headphone through the headphone jack. Which means ill just have to put up with swapping between the amp(for music) and soundcard for games.

I have read some more on the woo wa3 and 6 and seems the 6 would be work better for the grados and the 650's. Only thing is a lack of pre amp output, any thoughts on this?

I have found a place that stocks all this equipment and am going to test each of them this week.
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The WA3 comes with preamp RCA outputs, as for the WA6 I'm sure you could work that out with the folks at wooaudio, I haven't talked to them in many years but they were very accommodating back when I bought a WA3 from them. 

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ok, Ill go in and try them and see if they can do anything for me.


thanks for your help elmoe.

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No problem, hope you find an amp you'll be satisfied with.

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hey elmoe just thought id let you know i ended up buying a wa6, bifrost with both the upgrades and some 325's. couldnt be more happy with my purchases even though my wallet is hurting quite a bit.

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Yes I can imagine the wallet hurts, but that's a head-fi prerogative :biggrin:


Great to hear you're enjoying the setup, I'm sure you'll be happy for many years with that.

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