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For Sale: Audio-GD DAC 8 (like Reference 1)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audio-GD DAC 8 (like Reference 1)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Ready to sell, no more second-thoughts.


The DAC 8 is a different version of Reference 1(DAC 8's interior looks almost exactly the same as the slightly newer Reference 1) and Reference 1 is the previous version to Reference 7 which is similar to Master 7. This unit was from 2009.


DAC 8 use the legendary PMD-100 by Pacific Microsonics (before acquisition by Microsoft) digital filter The unit use 8 PCM-1704UK DACs like newer models. It has the warmth of vinyl but clarity of digital.


This unit is in excellent condition, less than 100 hours in total, no more than 2 hour per listen, the unit gets hot because of class A output, good for winter listening. It's made out of aluminum and easily scratched, the physical craftsmanship is not nice as newest Audio-GD products, but this is unit very sturdy, cheaper and operates like new! I can take more pictures of different angles by request.


DAC8 + Blue Jean's RCA Interconnect, thick power cord, Canare BNC cable = $850 + shipping.


PCB is not missing any resistors, it was designed that



3 transformer physically isolated to eliminate EMI/RF

interference. Class A circuitry gets hot, it seems to

be a true Class A by the heat dissipation. I recommend

to turn off immediately when you're not listening to

music for reducing electricity cost.



The paint is fragile, but the metal is very strong and heavy.

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Interested, but please provide eBay feedback or some other form of feedback? I don't want to get screwed over. :(



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P.M sent.

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Is this still for sale? 

If so, I might consider taking it after moving to new place in August... 

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I still have it.


Pure Class A, only possible noticed distortion is 2nd harmonic order (pleasing tube-like, but less of it because solid state have less distortion in general).

No negative feedback (no inter-modulation distortion).

Clean power supply.

Heavy aluminum case for elimination of Eddy Current/Foucault Currents.

8 DAC chips to improve linearity with a simpler circuit.

Krell cast type configuration without cast cable requirement.

Truly balanced (Dan lavry from lavry engineering speculates based on measurements, it reduces even order harmonic distortion by 6 db when the system is fully balanced. The advantage of not picking up electrical interference is the second benefit).

S/N Ratio is >113db


Using software(e.i audacity, foobar with add-ons) for sample-rate conversion with 8 true 24 bit dac. (ESS 32 bit dacs are not real 32 bit dacs, more like 8-16 bit with processing to increase resolution). The data will still pass pacific microsonic's PMD-100, in case the software wasn't good enough.




Condition: Electronically, it's excellent. Physically, there are scratches on the paint/case.

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