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I am at the point where I have saved some cash to upgrade from the Squeezebox built-in DAC which I am running through the Schiit Magni and ending in a pair of Mad Dogs. The budget is definitely less than $500.


I obviously want something that will pair well with the Mad Dogs. Based on my great experience with the Magni, my initial thought is to stay with the Schiit product line. I'd consider the Modi but it only has USB input, which the Squeezebox doesn't have. So the Bifrost w/the Uber upgrade seems like the next option in the Schiit line.. That would put the cost at just over $400, which is at the high end of the budget but doable if worthwhile.


Any feedback on the Magni/Bifrost/Mad Dog combo? I'm also open to other options that would fit well with my existing equipment.


Thanks in advance for any help!