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For Sale or Trade: Grado RS1

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale or Trade:
Grado RS1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a pair of Grado RS1 Headphones.


I am the second owner and used them for only 5 hours, the first owner and I used them in a no smoking environment. I bought them purely to try and they are not my cup of tea.


Solid Mahogany Housing for the ears covered in a very comfortable and durable foam material.

The metal headband is covered in padded leather.

This was the flagship of the Grado Headphones line a few years ago. They sound amazing.

I do not have the original box (the 1st owner's wife threw it away.)

Don't worry though, I know how to pack them well!

They will come with the grado accessory for use with mini headphone jack sockets. (This was a $20. add on originally.)


After a few questions about the cosmetics, here is something you should know:

The edges of the wooden outer rings have a few bumps and bruises, nothing major though.


Shipping is $15 to anywhere inside the USA and I will ship worldwide, just ask me for a shipping quote.

Paypal adds 3% and is preferred.


I would trade them too, but don't know for what yet...



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bump for interesting vintage button grados -- what would you trade 'em for?

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Still for sale, deal fell through.

I'm not looking to trade for iem's or headphones, sorry.
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Where are you located?
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I am in Orlando, Florida

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For those waiting in line, the first in line came through.
They are on their way to a new home.
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