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Which Headphones Should I Get For Gaming?

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     Hello! I'm looking for some headphones that I will mainly be using for gaming on my desktop PC, and practically nothing else except for the occasional song or two. If it means anything, I usually listen to upbeat music like nightcore or dubstep, and basically just EDM is general. Sound quality is really important to me, and I wouldn't care if the headphone looked like a pile of garbage; as long as it sounds good and is comfortable for long gaming sessions, I'm fine. So basically, comfort and sound quality are the most important to me. I'd like everything to sound even, and not have certain frequencies more emphasized than others. However, I do like a bit of bass for games that have explosions and etc. I'm not a basshead by no means, but I do like some bass. My price limit is somewhere around $250, and the lower the better. However, just throw me a list of stuff ranking from best-sounding to the least, and then I'll decide after I get a whole bunch of headsets in a group to pick from basically. I have no amp or adapter thing, and am not that great with all that stuff. I heard of these things called "ohms" which is like power or something, I really have no idea, but just keep in mind that anything technical will probably sound like rocket science to me.

     If anybody could tell/link to me some headphones that meet these specifications or you think that would be a good fit, please tell me about them! I appreciate it. Oh, and by the way, I'd probably just use that clip-on mic thing or a modmic for my microphone. Microphone quality doesn't really mean much to me. As long as people know what I'm saying, that's fine.

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I'm no audiophile, and you might probably not take this advice from me, but "ohms" is just to show how much power it needs to run on full power. If you're going portable, look for something under 100 ohms. :)


Looking at Mad Lust Envy's Guide to Gaming Headphones, there is probably only going to be one headphone for you: Beyerdynamic DT 990.


I'm probably going to get the DT 770s, but I think what you would want is the DT 990s. There is probably nothing I can recommend to you other then the DT 990s, but if you really want to go competitive, having no bass, then I think the option there is the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X. I have had no experience with these headphones, and headphones are subjective to most, but see where the Beyers take you. Also, do you mind having open or closed headphones? :)

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Well I'm not very competitive and would mostly just use the headphones for a more immersive and better-sounding experience. I hear that the soundstage of open headphones is much better than closed which makes a lot of sense, and isolation isn't really all that big of a deal to me. I heard about HD598's, do you think they might be good for what I'd want? Thanks for the information about ohms as well, :D

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145 bucks for a pair of DT990 Pro 250 ohms on amazon right now, sounds like these might fit the bill for you.

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I'm relatively new to the good headsets and I picked up a pair of the DT990 Pro's.  I really like them for playing RPG type games.  For playing BF4, the explosions are really awesome sounding.  My only complaint, but could be just I have no idea how to adjust the mixer, it almost seems like the bullets flying by my head seem too sharp.  I've heard of others talking about how it makes some people 'tired'.  I had to no idea what they meant at the time, but I think that is what they refer too.  After a while playing BF4, my ears are a little tired from the bullets.  I've messed with the audio mixer and it has helped, but over all for anything other than playing BF4, I can listen to these for hours.

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What's the difference between the multiple versions of those headsets? Also, does it have a good soundstage, and is it open or closed?

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I just found the following discussion:


Seems like they're not so great for gaming compared to the HD558, or maybe not, I don't know. Anybody have experience with the HD558's, or how they're different compared to the HD598's?

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Philips X1's are open with great positioning and detail but with more bass than any open can should have (in a good way) and are great for both gaming and the type of music you listen to.


Give them a shot and read about them. Also consider the MA900 if you don't want that kind of bass, I'm currently neck and neck between the two of them for my keeper go-to gaming/music cans.

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Thanks! The Philips X1's seem like a pretty good choice. Appreciate the help!

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