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Ragnarok impressions? :ph34r:

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Another great meet.  Thanks to zerodeefex, CEETEE, and all the other organizers for helping out.  Also, thanks to Susan for greeting everyone at the front desk with a warm smile and helpful information to get everyone a chance to register for the raffle.  


I posted a few pictures that I took while I wandered around.  http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/853171/sf-bay-area-headphone-meet-2014/


Just a few highlights from me:


UE and CEETEE: Always packed at this table, for good reason.  Another 20% off of custom purchases, and bringing in an audiologist for free ear impressions for those looking to buy is too much to pass up (I know I didn't when UE first started offering this option a few years back).  Christian is always able to find time in his busy schedule to help set these meets up, help people make informed decisions while buying UE customs, and still set up his own personal gear for people to try out.  Hardest working audiophile in the Bay Area, IMO.  




Cavalli Audio:  Prior to this event, I had only heard their Liquid Fire, which was good, but didn't blow me away.  Alex brought a wide range of excellent amps yesterday, including the Liquid Cobalt, Liquid Glass and Liquid Gold which were all excellent.  Always a huge crowd by his table, but I finally found a chance to listen to all of them.  If I was still in the market for an amp, I'd be hard pressed to choose one between the Glass and Cobalt (probably leaning toward the Cobalt).  


LFF:  Both the Paradox and Slant were available to sample at his station.  The Paradox is as neutral as it is renowned for, and the Slants being his interpretation of colored headphones were definitely fun.  However, I was blown away by the Enigma that he pulls out as I was trying out his headphones.  Really cool looking sugi burnt wood finish (and I'm a big fan of wooden headphones already) and an excellent performer throughout the range, with sweet and involving mids, great bass extension without sounding boomy in a mostly closed design, and just the right amount of treble that doesn't get overwhelmed.  Very close to pulling the trigger on them once I figure out if I have space for keeping yet another pair of headphones.



anetode:  Thanks for bringing a significant portion of your headphone collection.  Lots of fun music options out of his computer, and I really did enjoy those Yamaha YH-100.  Surprisingly good bass response for an on ear headphone, with some sweet mids as well.


FrankCooter: Another beautiful custom built headphone ampflier.  Beautiful looking and sounding.  


MrSpeakers: Dan is ever so friendly when you visit him at his table.  Many were walking away from his table with Mad Dog purchases as well.  The Alpha Dogs are excellent headphones and definitely worth the high praise they've been getting after they were introduced.  Look out for the matte black color option on these!


Schitt:  They went all out this year, bringing everything in their line up as well and all of their listening stations were constantly occupied.  Also, thank you for supplying some excellent dac/amp combinations as prizes.  Still great performance and value options for those looking to get into this audio hobby, and the near final prototype Ragnorak is a beast.


darinf and Out of your head software:  I admit I was skeptical when I sat down to demo darinf's software.  However, after working out a few clipping issues, I got up very impressed with how the Out of Your Head software package was able to model surround or audiophile speakers and provide some impressive imaging with the HD800's.  

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Looks like I missed one mutha' of a wonderful event. I missed seeing you all, and experiencing all the amazing looking goods!! (But I just couldn't be there...)

Anyhow, even though I wasn't there, thanks to CEE TEE and zerodeefex and all my good friends for putting on what looks like an amazing event. My hope is, of course, to be there for the next one!


Keep them pics and impressions coming in!!


Cheers, all.



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Originally Posted by uzi View Post
Originally Posted by aamefford View Post

You are gonna have a heck of a time being objective about that cable!

Yeah, I might need some help here... two of the same USB DAC, and another pair of hands to swap cables while I keep my eyes closed.  Anyone think they want to help me play the cable game?


I'm game to help, @uzi. :-)  Let me know when you plan to do it.


And... thanks again everybody for the super-fun meet!

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Regarding Darin's virtual surround program, I was amazed.  When my friend first tested it out he was getting annoyed by the people that kept talking to him behind his back.  Not that I've heard a lot of surround setups (just at the various movie theaters I go to and my home setup), but the "Out of Your Head" software was amazing.  Always heard it said that virtual surround won't be as good as hardware, but the only setup I think that beats it is an Atmos setup.

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Looked like fun. I wish I lived near one of these events.
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Thank you to everyone at the meet. I had a great time, and wished I could have spent more time at each of the tables (I spent too much time at the UE table, but I finally decided & ordered the UERM). 

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I laughed uncontrollably when I saw this pic :biggrin:, the nicest one of those. 

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There were so many beautiful setups there, some I haven't seen ever. Wish I were at the meet. 

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Originally Posted by benjaminhuypham View Post


I laughed uncontrollably when I saw this pic biggrin.gif , the nicest one of those. 
I had to admit the cleverness of the Quik-Grip doing the job AND keeping the keyboard area clear for typing. biggrin.gif
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Looks as though everything went close to plan.  Any pending reviews of headphones through an Asus® XONAR® Essence™ One™ or similar?  I wanted to assess candidates for the headphone on my Asus® CM1630-06 (which packs an Essence™ STX™) at the Meet, but a hard schedule conflict prevented the assessment.

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Makes me sad. Work seems to bite my ass at every turn...

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I can't wait to unbox that Rag soon. Just simply gorgeous imo.



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From a n00b, it was great to meet folks and see what's happening. It's a new world for me, so I was geeking out on things that I didn't expect to see/hear. I don't speak the language that many of you do, coming at it from a different angle, but it was both fun and--in one case--life changing. I'm looking forward to learning more and putting some of what I learned into play at the studio. Thanks to @CEE TEE for the invitation, and to everyone for being so welcoming. See you all again soon!



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Thanks to zerodeefex, CEETEE, Questhate, Purrin, and all the other organizers and volunteers. This was a special meet for me and one I will NEVER forget.


Meeting some of you guys for the first time in person after years of talking to you guys on the net was awesome. Thanks for being so welcoming, and most especially, for your friendships and amazing conversations. 


I mainly went to hang out with you guys but did get to listen to a few things - some  were highlights, some epic disasters of challenger proportions. Regardless, I wish I could have had more time to listen to everything being offered.  I missed out on Schiit but I heard through the grapevine that they had some amazing Schiit to listen to. Anyway, being an optimist, here are my highlights....




The Liquid Glass, Cobalt and Fire are some fantastic sounding amplifiers. The Glass in particular, is magical with orthos and I tried it with various orthos. It's very forgiving of the bad sounding one but out of this world with others like DBel's own modded Yamaha ortho headphones.


Eddie Current Amps: Carla Bruni has never sounded so good. Amazing imaging and great natural sound.


The Open Baffle speakers were amazing. This proves that you can get world class amazing sound for relatively little cost. Purrin's discerning ear and talent for voicing once again shined in this marvelous presentation. It was a real treat.






Sharing joy, frustration, and tears

The conversations and laughs I had with all of you.

The food

The pictures


This is one of those rare meets where you leave wishing you had more time....

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