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Best on-ear headphones $250-$500

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Hello all! 

Greetings from the UK :) After owning my Grado SR60i's for a while (ok well not that long.. (a year (ish))) and using them pretty much everyday throughout then, someone stood on my bag with them inside.. Thus, the mounting bracket on between the right hand side has snapped.. Which brings me onto my next topic, what would everyone recommend for a pair of portable on or over ear headphones? 
I'm currently looking at between $250 and $500 (£180-£300 GBP) and my current options are:

Bowers and Wilkins P5 (Not the best sounding, but truly beautiful and sumptuous).

Aedle VK1 (haven't heard much about them, certainly look nice though).
Beyerdynamic T51P (No nonsense sound quality..)

On another note, I'm also on a hunt for an amp, as I'm going to be using these off my phone (Nexus 5) I would rather a portable one ideally for sub $170 , so amp suggestions are welcome too; although these would have to be included in the $500 overall budget (eg $500 headphones but no amp or $330 headphones and $170 amp).

Thanks in advance!

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Why not a Bluetooth headphone (portable and nexus 5)

something like the PARROT Zik

It's good sounding and less than 400 $ no amp needed
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Whilst the Parrot headphones are quite nice the Nexus 5 has no Apt X and terrible battery life as it is so bluetooth isnt really an option for me :/

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a Fiio Alpen-E17 and some v moda M100's ??
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Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium - Fiio E12 amp or iBasso 42

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Thanks for the help guys smily_headphones1.gif

Tontonjok: the m100's aren't really for me, I'm not too much a fan of the bass boosted EQ. However the E17 Allen looks very nice !

Koolpep: again not a fan of the HD25'S and I can't source the iBasso anyway other than eBay, which I don't trust to buy from.
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Well, then maybe a Beyerdynamic T51p. I had the T50p but sold it and I heard all the problems I had with it are rectified in the T51p so that might be worth considering.
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Hmm, ok then I'll have a look around, thanks for the help !
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The Martin Logan's seem a bit too unheard of, if I'm spending £300 on headphones I'd like to look at more than just the two reviews on Head-Fi :/

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