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Hi people.

So you've clicked on this thread with interest. 

Well yesterday I visited a store called Diaso in Sydney. It's a store in which everything is $2.80 no matter how big or small. Nice shop for getting objects such as kitchenware and maily homeware stuff. 


So while browsing the shelves, I came across an L shaped book stand (not really a stand, but rather pushes books against walls), like the ones that you see in school libraries. I though that if I put 2 together, I will have a rectangular headphone stand for one headphone. But then I saw the upside does "T" book stand, and thought that I could make them face each other, to create another T shape (let's call it the T pair). I bought 2, went home, made another T pair with the ones I bought, then decided to see if the headphones could hang on it, which they did. So I went back today, then bought another 2, and thought that I would use two pairs of two, and created two mroe T pairs. Then would put the centre stem of the two T pairs together to create a stand.

1) The book stand alone


2) The T pair



Note: When I was doing this in the store, I was carrying a heavy backpack, and also another bag in my hands full of books-I got a very awkward look and the store assistant asked me "Do you need any help?" That made me feel pretty uncomfortable....


Anyway back to the construction. With two T pairs together, I thought that I could just tie the two pieces together with string (I used ribbon, the kind used on presents) to ensure that it wouldn't fall apart, and I was right. I put two clips on either side of the stand where I would hang the headphones to ensure that they wouldn't fall off and all in all, it looks pretty perfect to me. Also there was a bit of wobble since it's really 4 pieces stuck together, so on the base, I put some blu-tac to make sure that the touching components of the base would not wobble. They still do a little, but it's negligible.


3) The blu-tack between the two bottom plates that you can see in the T pair picture.


4) The two T pairs put together with the string binding them in the centre with the clips on the end


I also bought two small baskets to place under the headphones for a place I could put the cables, although I realised that the baskets were too large and came too close to the headphones to be used comfortably then trying to place or remove them from the stand. I might go back and buy another two, but smaller baskets might be too small for the cables. Maybe I'll let them hang from the headphones.


5) In use with the baskets. They weren't that great. Need to get new ones. Too large.


6) The string that I used


7) The string just wound and tied around the centre