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Looking to upgrade my IE8i

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Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my IE8is to something else. While I love the soundstage of it, they just keep dying on me, and with out of warranty repair costs, it's somewhat of an annoying and expensive problem. Likely what will happen is that I warranty replace them with IE80s and sell them and use the money for an upgrade. In the meantime I'm using my V-moda RE-VAMP, and after 3 years, multiple accidental washes and dips into the pool, multi mile runs and gym sessions they still play, with minimal sound quality loss. I'd like to get something with that kind of durability.

what I'm looking for:
Sound quality
Durability (Waterproof/Millitary spec like my V moda RE-vamp would be great)
MUST have a mic/controls on the cable like my current IE8i has. I tend to use my IEMs to comply with handset laws while driving, talking on the phone, online games etc.

Price isn't a concern if it meets all these concerns.
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+1 for FX800/700, great soundstage, not as wide but more depth and detail, clearer midrange, never veiled, highs have more sparkle, less bass quantity but more speed and punch, better timbre, worse isolation and a bit heavier but no microphonics.

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