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Immersive listening - eyes wide shut

Poll Results: How frequently to you listen to your gear with your eyes closed?

  • 22% (2)
    Mostly Closed: In critical listening situations - almost always keep eyes closed
  • 77% (7)
    Sometimes Closed: Enjoy music and tend to zone out every now and them
  • 0% (0)
    Not Closed: I'm using it for utility purposes like working, video games, watching vids... eyes open.
9 Total Votes  
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There's lots of evidence to support that senses are heightened when you eyes are closed and far from other sensory distractions. The audiophile world, listening with closed eyes is a customary practice, but not sure how widely it's actually practiced. Here's just a fun poll to get a generally idea of how we stand on the issue and perhaps learn a bit more in regards to maximizing our listening experience.

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I have music playing constantly. It's not an activity I portion a section of my day for. I like music too much to say that I won't have it playing until I'm sitting down somewhere with my eyes closed. I'll zone out at night frequently, but that's it.

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I used to close my eyes all the time. Then I read a French literary critic ragging on people who close their eyes, and it made me self-conscious about it. I have to force myself to keep my eyes open at concerts because, supposedly, it's a visual (or social) experience too. I usually listen lying down, but I don't want to fall asleep so I keep my eyes open but cover them with a folded black T-shirt.

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I want to vote for the bottom two.  I listen at work/while gaming/while on the bus.  I also listen at night and just either recline in my chair on my bed and may or may not close my eyes and just lose myself in the music sometimes.

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