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From DT880 pro's to ...DT 990Pro or T1 question more on clarity.

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So I've spent a few weeks reading up on threads between the DT 880s and DT 990's as well as the comparison thread w/ videos etc ( which was an amazing read) I'm aware of most of the pros and cons on most though there are a few questions left from my side to ask as I'm on a journey ( which I get will probably never end and is pretty much like the red pill from the matrix )


So a few months back I was working on building myself the ultimate gaming pc, from which I have my home theatre system hooked up in my room via the optical out. Well things are loud and with a family I need to keep it down, so I decided to go back to headphones. After a few slaps in the face and a long educated read I learned that anything "gaming" is a gimmick and best avoided.


Weeks after I was sent out to get a pair of DT 990's but low and behold the guitar center near me ( I live in Phoenix ) only had 880 pro's at the highest and Senn 650's


I listened to quite a few headphones while there in their studio room, ranging from AK701's , DT 770's, DT 880's, Senn 650's and a few others which I don't recall the name. I found that I prefer semi open over closed though there were no full open around so I can't say that I"m for them either without hearing, though I"m sure they'd sound just as lush if not more, but again I'm here for any information and not going to assume anything.



So with a 30 day trial I took home the 880 pro's and since they're 250 Ohm figured I'd grab a decent DAC to run them with and heard that burr brown dac's are pretty good. I grabbed the SB ZxR since it has a built in Dac for that and a 600 Ohm port. Honestly couldn't tell the difference by much if any between my onboard and that card but then again my onboard had a 300 ohm port w/ a Cirrus Logic ( which I'm probably sure is crap but yeah ) and there's probably more I could do with it.


Messing around with settings I got the clarity up a bit and made it sound more clear. I realize that with such a tight clamp on my head the sound seems rather nice but at the same time the tones could be more clear and represented, as there's a distinct muffle to it though about 10% if any.



My issue is if I loosen the headphones by pulling them just off my ear about 1mm the sound clarity its GORGEOUS, and I love every bit of it. SO my question is if I went with the DT 990's




THere are 2 versions of the 250 Ohm, and I've looked up the details on this. From what I'm getting would getting the 250 Ohm Pro version be better as it's less of a tight clamp on my head thus not creating some sort of ( not sure how to explain it ) EQ of somewhat a small room?


My aim is to get as clear of sound as possible, yet keeping up with sharp bass ( I'm not a bass head for those wondering just prefer sharp bass over muddy )


As for the T1, I see numerous posts stating that its sound signature is closer to that of the DT 880 so wondering if I was to even attempt at those would I be getting the same style clarity or better?



I appreciate any input and looking forward to learning from all of you.



Oh an my main purpose is for Gaming, I play mostly MMO's (new ones ) , but at times will eventually turn off in game music to hear normal music. I did notice quite a jump on my DT880's though hearing the grass moving and footsteps and many small things in game I never noticed before, quite amazing. If the DT 880's had a more clear sound to them I'd love them to bits. Which is honestly my only gripe on them I think, as I can't say much for the bass. They're very warm though which is nice.


I listen to many diff types of music especially when drawing.

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Bumping due to being on the 5th page lol been sick for the past few days, seems the forum is really active, and I've been reading up on the other DT990 and Senn threads.

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And settled on the t90s after reading through quite a few appreciation/owners threads.

Should arrive later today will be at work bit looking forward to the difference from my dt 880 pros which are comfy and I still love em.
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