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Hi, Head-fi!


I've been lurking here for months and everytime I try to find information regarding this setup - with either of these headphones - I keep changing my mind. I found lots of positive comments about the Corda stack bundled with Beyerdynamic T1, but not that much information how they would pair with Sennheiser HD800.


I was also thinking about getting Woo Audio WA7 with HD800 but the DAC of WA7 is lacking. I would need more than the USB input (optical + coax is minimum). And I don't really want to deal with tubes and the heating. Or paying the customs plus shipping from the US.


My budget is around 2,000 euros (Corda Daccord + Classic is about 1040 euros at the moment). Here are the pros and cons so far:




+ Bigger soundstage.

+ Better comfort? I read that T1s are awesome as well but HD800s weight less, I guess.

+ The cable is easily re-changeable.

+ I like the looks more, even though this a non-factor, really.

+ 3 year warranty.

+ Better reseale value, I would think.


- Here in Finland, they cost almost 200 euros more than the T1 (800 euros vs. 980 euros).

- They need a good DAC/AMP. Is the Corda stack good enough? Would a tube amp be more ideal than a SS amp?




+ A good all-around headphone, works well with all kinds of music.

+ Cheaper.

+ Should have a GREAT synergy with the Corda stack (according to the comments on this forum I've read).


- Only a-two-year warranty.


And here's the big question that could be the game changer for me: Which one is better suited for movies and games? I would be using the setup 50/50 between music and movies/games. Wouldn't the bigger soundstage of HD800s be a huge advantage? Of course I would like to have decent bass also (which is a little bit better in T1s, right?), but I would think that the soundstage creates more immersion in movies and games. The Corda DAC/AMP has also a crossfeed option. Could this improve the soundstage even more?


Anyway, thanks a lot if someone cares enough to give me some pointers! I really have no idea which way to go.

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