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3.5mm Cable

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Hello, I'm trying to find a very short cable extension to plug into my phone for headphones which have large 3.5mm jack housing, since my phone has a rather large protective case on it. I don't want a whole cable, I just need it to be a couple inches and fairly durable. I would like ome that is capable of mic functions if possible, but I'd prefer durable over features.
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If you're not into the cable hype buy a supercheap one off ebay and trim it to fit with a knife, be careful though.

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why not just make the hole on the case bigger. I've used a hole reamer to make the headphone hole big enough to fit the m50 plug in all of my phone cases. It works perfectly on plastic cases and will work on tpu type cases but won't be super clean. on silicone cases you can just use a small pair of scissors and an xacto bladeto enlarge the hole.

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I'm not one to really mess around with things like that, I have the tendency to break things really badly, but if I get some spare time this week I'll give opening the hole up a go. My biggest issues is I don't have a lot of the modding tools and such that a lot of members around here seem to have, all I've really got is a screw driver, a pair of scissors, and a couple of kind of dull knives, but I'll figure something out.

Thanks for the quick replies, I new still so didn't know how long a response would take, but thank you for the suggestions.
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