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I'm on the hunt for some warm, bass heavy, fun IEMS. I normally listen to rap, dubstep, and rock, so you can see why i want some basshead phones. I stumbled across Audio Technica's Solid Bass line and found these two. I was just wondering if the CKS1000 are worth the extra $60 over the CKS99s. Also, how far out of the ear do these two stick out? I often wear hearing protection over my IEMs, just for extra sound isolation. The housings on these look massive though, and somewhat uncomfortable, but they seem to be some of the best for bass.

Other ones I was considering are Shure SE215 LTDs, Audio Technica ATH IM70s, Highsound Wooduo 2s, and Monster Pro Turbine Coppers. So if I should just forget about the other two and get one of these, go ahead and tell me.

PS- How do these lower end IEMs stack up against higher end IEMs, like UE900s. I read that Balanced Armatures tend to deliver a cold, analytical sound , while Dynamic Drivers are a lot warmer to listen to.