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HD600 Replacement Cable

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I believe the internal of my cable is broken and was wondering which replacement cable is the newest to buy. I'm not necessarily looking for an expensive upgraded cable.



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obviously the hd650 cable is what you need


or you could take a chance on this cheap cable:

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The HD650 cable is the least expensive option - cheaper than HD600 cable - unless you want a 3.5mm plug.

The HD650 cable is thicker and has a 6.3mm plug. HD600 cable is thinner and has the 3.5mm plug.


No idea why the 600 cable is twice the price of the 650 cable...

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Sennheiser probably thinks 3.5mm is a pain, more problems with it. Or maybe they want to be nice to the people that paid 100 more for the HD650 haha

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