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Hello, last year i purchased a pair of M50's for $100 and today i have decided to give them to my little brother as he has broken his headset. i am currently looking at the M50x as a replacement, but as it is $70 more  i wanted to know if there were better alternatives. i would prefer Closed Circumaural around ear headphones similar to the M50's as i dislike sound leakage and honestly i am used to them so it may just be my bias.


Music: all kinds mainly Electronica, Rock, Classical, and i am not sure how to define the different kinds of anime BGM i listen to so here is an example of one of my favorites

Usage: Home use for the most part, but i would like them to be portable enough to use at my college between classes. besides music i will also be using them very frequently for gaming. will be used with an Ipod and my Computer

Price:  $160 - $220 (can possibly stretch to $240 depending on the current Termite issue my home is suffering from.)

Desire: Re-moveable Cable, Good Durability, Portability.

Notes: i have considered the ATH-A900X, but am concerned about their 3-D wing support system so i believe i will be avoiding it. i do wear glasses so that can factor into comfort, and i plan to make the purchase through amazon. I am an average listener and can barely til the difference between mp3 and Flac. (although i am trying to change this or it's probably my soundcard)


thanks for reading, i will wait about 6 hours before making a purchase. the main goal of this post is to find out if there is anything that will really outclass them at the same price range as i would hate to purchase them just because i liked the originals to discover that i could have gotten some better ones at this price.