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Heya guys! I'm a new member who decided to join after stalking your forums (more like raping them) in search of appropriate headphones. Now I know I'm supposed to be asking these things before my purchase but I'm just so exited for the new pair of beyerdynamics I ordered off of eBay, I decided to post this in order to get a little more grounded with reality again. So... Regarding the hype around hifi, I just wanted some verification regarding a few notions which seem to be implied judging by all of your posts. Before I begin, I'd like to list my acoustic uses starting with high priority uses to lesser ones so you guys understand where I'm coming from. Btw, the rig ill be using will be a simple 250 ohms Dt990 and a fiio e17 amp/dac via music on laptop from CDs on windows media player.

1. Immersive gaming(including locating sounds)

2. Electronic/synthetic music (genres include drum n bass, house, trance, psychedelic, i.e mostly ambient genres with minimal instrumental usage etc.)

3. Listening to classical Indian music like anousha shankar or zakir Hussain

4. Listening to video game soundtracks like silent hill and ocarina of time. Melodic instrumentals in other words.

so.. Onto my questions:

1. Now I've heard a crazy amount of hype from you guys revolving around the difference between high end headphones in bringing out the good and the ugly in music. What I want to know is this: will my headphones be capable of actually impressing me (I.e. Successfully stun me)? I mean, I've spent a hundred bucks on headphones before but when I listen to say bowers and Wilkins or some sennheisers at the store, I really dont hear anything better or sometimes even as good as my old Logitech g430 headset(asides from Bose headphones which always wow me. Probably because of their low impedance since the headphones I viewed were without amps). Anyways will my dt990s wow me in any or all the uses I have mentioned above when comparing to a mid tier gaming headset (lol ikr?).

2. Will these headphones make my electronics music sound poopier? A lot of my music doesn't have bass like boards of Canada so I'm expecting them to sound a whole lot better with my dt990s but some of my music like netsky or deadmau5 uses bass and MIGHT be poorly mastered. Even though all my music is at a minimum quality of 320kbps .mp3 format, I'm wondering whether or not the dt990s will make these few exceptions sound better, worse, or leave them unaffected. They already sound fantastic on my jvc in ear headphones so I'm guessing thts a bad sign. But then again, everything sounds better on my jvcs :3

3. This last question is for you gamers out there. Will these studio monitoring headphones give me a competitive gaming edge smily_headphones1.gif yeah yeah I've read through the gaming headset guides and that's where I chose these from but I just want to hear a testimonial.

thanks for your time and apologies for the redundancy,

cheers and happy to start slowly joining the ranks of audiophilliacs unless video game sounds prove to be too poor to provide full audio immersion.
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