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Rambotech BSH557 on the way : How to test it and confirm AptX

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Hello All,


A total newbie, was just looking for some reasonably good quality bluetooth headphones with AptX to pair with my Samsung Galaxy S-IV i9500 and enjoy better quality music on the go. I am not looking for pro audiophile level stuff and hence on a limited budget too.


Initial choice for me was Bluedio R+ but after reading a helpful and detailed thread, on it http://www.head-fi.org/t/674551/bluedio-r-bluetooth-4-0-headphones-with-nfc-and-apt-x , it dawned to me that they dont come AptX enabled for connection with cellphones and hence I need to buy additional hardware and do tinkering to make something out of them.


Hence went on to find another substitute , read from a forum fellow member "bhazard" that he has tested and found the RamboTech BTH-033 to be a good headphone with the best bang for the buck.


I looked around further Rambotech models, assuming the rest of their product line and range would would be an equally good bargain, if not better, though it is not guaranteed, but I took my chances.


Shortlisted and now have ordered the BSH-557 http://www.cnrambotech.com/portfolio/bluetooth-stereo-headset-bsh557/. Its on the way and might take a while to reach me.


So just trying to know and understand, how to test this headphone for posting a sensible review. What are some standard ways, methods, tools and technique to test a headphone of this grade and quality. Any specific android tools, apps, or music samples. I understand that sound quality and perception is a subjective judgement and can vary person to person and is dependent on a lot of other factors. However just trying to know if there exists a minimum benchmark or calibration SOP (standard operating procedure) to which such equipment should adhere and comply with.


I am also betting, although not very clearly known to me, that these headphones or rest of the Rambotech range featuring AptX , comes factory enabled by default for AptX connectivity and music streaming from a connected cell phone. Would appreciate if someone can shed some light on it about how to test and ensure that AptX is really working.


Also would appreciate if someone already has this headphone and what have been the experiences so far.


Its really amazing to see how much one can learn from the collective knowledge and the community spirit of sharing.


Thanks for your support.

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Well...so much for the thread views...without any reply... Was expecting much from the experts around.


Would really appreciate and would be thankful if any guru shares his/her views.



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Ok so it is about to arrive in a couple of days now....excited to discover how it really performs.


Too bad aint got any guidance from anyone about how to really check it to the limits and post an informative review which might be of great help for others.


Still keeping my finger crossed ....

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Well I am like you, a newbie, and we are finding out that bluetooth is not a big thing around here. That should be easily understood, since bluetooth cannot deliver audiophile quality.

With that said, let me share what I have found out. I have the Sony MDR 10RBT which has apt-X. However, it is not default, I have to turn it on in order for it to work with my two apt-X devices. A Samsung Note 3 and a Samsung Note 2014. I also have two Bluedio sets, that arrived today. As you already know you have to do some tricks to get the apt-X working on the Bluedio's.

No matter the Bluedio's still sound good, for the couple hours I have had them I am very satisfied. The higher priced Sony sounds the best, not by a whole lot. When I turn the Sony on I have to put in apt-X mode and the Sony confirms it.

Hope that helps, and post back and let me know how you making out with your set of apt-X headphones.
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does anyone of You know anything about those "rambotech" headphones ?


I'd be interested to know about two models in particular :
- BSH555


- BSH557 (the ones that MindVentures mentioned)


I was trying to dig out some technical specs, but even the manufacturer (even though I made it very specific, that I want tech specs like freq response, sensitivity, etc) responded with the usual website crap like the length of the usb cable ...


any idea ?


Thanks in advance.

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