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Just got my AudioEngine A5 today and...

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Hi guys, finally got my AudioEngine A5 today second-hand. Unfortunately, while testing out the 3.5mm audio in on the top, the darn plug got stuck (I'm assuming the plastic insulation ring). I tried using a pair of pliers to pull out the plug, but it stripped the entire plug of its cover (ViaBlue, destroyed my entire silver interconnect! ). The speakers themselves are still working, as I can just use the audio in at the back, but now they have a gold pin sticking out of the top, looks absolutely horrible to me. Is there any tips for removing it?http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac284/Derek_Tay/DSC_0055_zps26224394.jpg

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Nothing? :(

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I would be very careful to attempt to physically pull out the plug. It should not take that much effort for that plug to come out but of you had stripped it bare leaving just the metal piece, it is very possible that the mini plug sock was defective in the unit. Remember that the socket has waved metal sockets that lightly lock into the metal plug and the plastic rings of the mini plug. It should just bump lightly locking it and when you decide to unplug it, it should flex slowly up releasing the plug....it makes me think that the metal wedges somehow were damaged from the onset and when you introduced the plug, a metal part has totally wedged against a section of the plug. Thus when you try to take it out,
It is anchored.
I see that you can unscrew the plate that holds the assembly together.
Unplug the speakers, and unscrew carefully. It might have some gasket adhesive....slowly take it out and you should be able to study the situation better. Regardless, you might need to desolder and install a new plug assembly.
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Yes, indeed it is removable. However, it seems to be connected to the main amp part of the speakers themselves, im not too sure if I want to touch that. Is there an easy way to remove it from the port itself? 

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The way I see it, the Miniplug is stick.....it must be able to be rotated if you grab a plier and spin it around.  Do not attempt to force it out.....But look at this picture....




As you can see, there is a metal section in the socket that has been bent and it parks itself in the ridge.  If you pull the plug out, it should contort and due to the curvature, it will allow the plug to be pulled out without much effort BUT, I suspect that this part that is curved has been broken, deformed and I think that there is a metal part that will it.  Here is a diagram I made thinking about the reason why you cannot pull the plug out.  

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That is what I think has happened to the socket.  If this is the case, you must open the speaker.  And see what exactly is hold the plug in place.  There is no easy way to remove it unless you open those two screws up and see what is happening.  It should not be rocket science but even though you might be able to pull the mini plug out, the port itself will be unusable UNLESS you repair the socket assembly.  It means desoldering and soldering.  It you have someone handy around, they should be able to do it.  

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Thanks for the very clear explanation! I don't really have an issue with opening up the speakers to take a look, but the thing is I've never actually done any dis assembly for a socket component in a speaker before. I've tried opening the speaker, but this is what I've found: http://[URL=http://s908.photobucket.com/user/Derek_Tay/media/Bang_zpsbfc25555.png.html][IMG]http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac284/Derek_Tay/Bang_zpsbfc25555.png[/IMG][/URL]


Sorry I'm unable to link the pic directly, seems like I don't have the necessary requirements for this forum. But as you can see from the pic, the unknown cables seem to be connected to the amp section of the speakers. At its base (socket component), it seems to be covered using a heat shrink or a maybe some electric tape, I'm not too sure and haven't dared to remove it in fear of damaging it. I've done some interconnect cables so I would say I have some experience with soldering and  desoldering, but nothing professional. Maybe I should just bring this to an audio shop to fix? I'm the only one I know who even cares for speakers :(

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Dismantle and take a picture of the assembly.  I cannot tell by the drawing you have.  Can you do a close up of the socket assembly from the other side of the exterior plate where the miniplug is stuck?

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