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Amp for se535ltd

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Hi guys, i listen with my galaxy s3 but i want to upgrade my setup. Budget around 200$usd. Since the s3 has a build-in Wolfsen chip, is it better to get an amp/dac combo? Thanks! smily_headphones1.gif
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Leckerton UHA-6Smk2.
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I have GS4 which has very good sound too and tried with Apex Glacier the sound got more decay.
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Wolfson is a great chip as far as sources go, if you can get a pico slim at a decent price, probably slightly over your budget 2nd hand but its the best ultra portable amp around and has great synergy with the Shures.

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thanks for all the advice! i probably prefer 1st hand product so the pico slim is sadly out of my budget. i hv read a lot of positive reviews about it, maybe sooner later, i can afford it. how does jds lab c5 and c5d sound? not sure if s3 supports usb audio or not though
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I haven't heard the c5 or c5d but i do own a fiio e11 and jds labs cmoy bb which I've upgraded to an 8620, and I prefer the cmoy hands down, in terms of pure sq that is,the cmoy with 8620 has a nuetral sq, very transparent, great soundstage especially depth and good detail retrieval, even better, the cmoy has low bg hiss and the c5 should sound even better plus its more portable. For the price its very competitive, but might want to look out for the digizoid zo3.
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I have the C5 and believe that it is an ideal companion to my SE535's...SQ is far, far above the $200 price.

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I really like my Meier Quickstep with IEMs - both the SE535s and Heir 5.0s.

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Fiio e18, amp and dac for 160, Will work perfectly with the s3 and you can always use just the amp if you want the built in dac, and when you upgrade phones later you have a decent usb dac
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jds labs c5d

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