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Help choosing full-size headphones for home use (music/PS4) for under $350

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Hello head-fi!  I'm engel556 and there's not much to introduce, other than that I know next to nothing about headphones.


If you will allow me, I'd like to explain exactly what I'm looking for in hopes that you can offer me some suggestions for further research.  I've done a lot of research already but quite frankly I'm finding myself overwhelmed.  This is the first time I'm buying a set of headphones that cost more than $20!


I know that sound can be very subjective, so without further ado let me present to you what I am looking for:


Budget: $350

Headphone Type: Full size

Application: Home use for YouTube, iPod, PS4 (note that I am not looking for a set with a mic)

Fashion: Colors and looks don't matter to me

Cup Type: I really like the headphones that go completely over your ear (not the kind that push against it)

Cord: 1/8" is all I need, I have no use for 1/4".  Removable cord preferred but not necessary.  Not interested in wireless.

"Open/Closed Cups": Not sure if that's the correct way to phrase this, but I've read that "open" cups will allow ambient sound to enter and headphone sound to exit the cups quite readily.  I would greatly prefer "closed" cups that don't allow sound in or out, mostly so that I don't bother anyone else in the house when I'm jamming (or listening to music that I'm too embarrassed for anyone to hear :D)

Noise Cancellation: I'm impartial to this.  As I stated above, I'm more concerned with noise going out than coming in.


Sound: These headphones will be used exclusively for music and gaming.  As far as gaming goes, the sounds could be anything from war games (Battlefield, Killzone, etc.) to ninja games to pirate games.  Pretty much all action games!  As for music, I listen to a lot of different stuff.  Mostly rock and metal, everything from Third Eye Blind to Metallica to Slayer but also some electronic (Kaskade, AVB) and some hip-hop (Wu-Tang, Dre, Ice Cube).


It seems as far sound goes I really just want something that's "good" across the board.  Something I can make thump a little bit but something that will also give great sound on acoustic-style music.  I'm not worried about getting a pair that leans one way or the other because I can always use a basic 12-band EQ on the computer to get the sound right.  I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm looking for something fairly "neutral" that sounds good across all bands, though I do want it to have the ability to pump a little bass (I don't mean hitting like two 15" woofers in the trunk of a Honda).


Also, little to no distortion would be awesome, though I expect a set of headphones in this price range won't have any.  You'd probably have to blow your eardrums before you heard any distortion lol.


I greatly appreciate any feedback you can offer me.  There are so many reviews, brands, models and specs out there that this is quite confusing for a first-timer.

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Even a point in the right direction?

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Nevermind, I'll look for advice elsewhere.

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Whether it's a 1/8" or 1/4" size jack shouldn't matter because adapters are cheap, focus on sound quality. Sennheiser HD598 is my gaming headphone of choice and it doesn't need an amp either. It costs around $250 usually. I use it for battlefield 4 and I used it for battlefield 3. It's also fairly neutral. It is an open can though. If you must have a closed headphone then I would suggest either the Beyerdynamic DT770 (these will probably need an amp if you get the 250 ohm version) or the V-Moda MM-100 (won't need an amp). Good luck in your search.

**UPDATED** Added some closed headphone suggestions.
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