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I don't have a massive budget, about $300 on cans and the same for an amp/dac, for a semi-portable PC gaming audio setup.


I've decided on after doing a massive amount of research and reading and watching allot of reviews on all sorts for the CANS im going with the Sony MDRMA900 Over-the-Head Style Headphones



And for the amp/DAC im thinking the Objective 2 + ODAC Combo especially after watching Barnacules Nerdgasm review of it where he puts it up against the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies amp/dac witch costs 3 times as much as the objective2 and it beats it.



And for the mic im going with a modmic which turns any set of cans into a headset with ease and also sounds amazing.


So what do you guys think is this a good bang for the buck setup?


Much thanks for any help.

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