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Dragonfly and Shure 535

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Sorry, I put this in the computer audio forum, and then saw a message that said DAC threads should go here.




I just recently bought a new laptop mostly so I can work in coffee shops and such as I am a freelance translator.

It is an Asus laptop that comes with a little subwoofer. Anyway the noise that comes out the headphone jack on the laptop is insane, so I did some research and bought the Dragonfly, which I just received a few hours ago.


For my desktop, I have the Emu 0404USB, which I listen to through my media room setup and also the Shure 535.


To be honest, I am very disappointed. There is still quite a lot of noise, though certainly a significant improvement over the headphone jack on the laptop. It also sounds kind of thin. Spotify sounds like absolute crap, though it sounds pretty good through the Emu whether on my Shure's or the media room setup. Listening to FLAC files through JRiver sounds pretty good, but I had to really change DSP settings from what I normally have set for these Shure's. It is just way to bright with way too much treble output with little bass output coming out of this Dragonfly.


Maybe this needs breakin?  Even if it does, I am mostly disappointed with the noise as that is the main reason that motivated me to look for a solution/replacement to the standard headphone jack.

There is absolutely zero noise from the Emu. It is much more quite to just put in the headphones and not play anything than to just sit in a room with all the ambient noise in the room.


I ordered from Amazon, and I did notice that the package had already been opened on both sides. I doubt that makes a difference, but it was apparently returned before.


Can someone confirm whether this needs breakin or not?


Although I doubt I will keep it due to the noise, so more importantly, is there anything else I can get that would have better noise performance, i.e. more quiet before playing anything?

Am I spoiled from the Emu?  I am pretty sure I only paid 200 for that little sucker, which I originally bought for making music, not listening to it necessarily.

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Break in? No. It doesn't need break in. Why? 
Break-in is the procedure of conditioning a new piece of equipment by giving it an initial period of running, usually under light load, but sometimes under heavy load or normal load. It is generally a process of moving parts wearing against each other to produce the last small bit of size and shape adjustment that will settle them into a stable relationship for the rest of their working life.

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Yes, that is what I thought. Just being hopeful I guess.


So any suggestions for a better product/solution?

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