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$399 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
April Music Stello DA100 DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I would like to sell my DAC April Music Stello DA100.


I live in Russia and I would prefer to sell it within Russia, but I can also ship it worldwide if you pay for international shipping.


Russian buyers can read my ad here.


My price is $399 + shipping charges.


Here's some info about this DAC:


I paid for it $695, this is the manufacturer's price, I bought it at April Music website and paid also $80 for shipping from Seoul (South Korea). I purchased it in August 2008.


The unit is in ideal condition as it was on the first day I unpacked it. I can ship it in the original packaging box. I have the manual for it.

The voltage is set at 220 now but basically the voltage is user-selectable 220V or 110V (the switch is inside).


I also offer for sale Audio-GD Digital Interface (Version B) USB-SPDIF converter for $99:


I bought in January 2012 at the manufacturer's website for $169 (price + delivery).


I don't have much reputation as a seller yet, as I've been so far buying only, not selling.

Here's my rig:
My feedback as as a buyer at Audiogon, eBay, Head-Fi.

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