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I am looking for a good earphone which is in the price range of <$50. I had Yamaha EPH-100 and Sennheiser CX-300 II earlier. Liked Yamaha EPH-100 but not Sennheiser. The voice has very less detailing in Sennheiser and it felt highly overpriced. This time I am short on budget so looking for a optimum ear phone.

The music that I normally listen to is Trance (Mainly Ambient, psychedelic and progressive), some rock (Pink floyd, Anathema, led zeppelin etc.). Details are important to me. The bass should not overpower the music.

I have come back again to Head-fi for some recommendation (last time went with Yamaha EPH-100). I have searched some threads, but am unable to find a latest thread with similar requirement as mine. Please help me out.

Thank you!